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माझा अनिरूध्द प्रेमळा त्याला माझिया कळवळा These lines sum up the relation that each shraddhavan has with Bapu. The only true friend and father who always loves us unconditionally and always cares about our well-being. From being uncertain about attending this event to attending & enjoying it wholeheartedly, He made the impossible, possible for several of us. Experienced Nathsanvidh all the way, I feel blessed, Ambadnya.🙏 Read More


I am lucky to witness phenomenal & divine Aniruddha Bhaktibhav Chaitanya event on the evening of 31st Dec 2019. It was a perfect start of the new year 2020. Superficially it might look like musical event of devotional songs but the one who attended it had a feeling of staying in heaven during this event. It is not possible to express those feeling in words as those can only be experienced in person. Those moments gave us a pure joy & happiness - The Aniruddha Bhaktibhav Chaitanya. Read More


When the eye closes because it wants to see inside the heart, the Bapu inside the heart.... when the eye opens, it sees what it always holds on to, inside the heart: the eye sees my Bapu sitting a few feet away,  When the heart brims over with love that streams down from the eyes: it is my Bapu's love that streams down from the eyes.  Read More


Hari Om! It was a privilege to attend the Aniruddha Bhaktibhav Chaitanya 2019 Mega Event on 31st Dec 2019. The D.Y. Patil Stadium was filled with large & super-excited audience of 50 K+.  When beloved Bapu arrived with dearest Nandai and Suchit Dada, the atmosphere suddenly became very lively and energetic. As always, His presence transforms any venue into a magical world.  The Dad's entry onstage was memorable with Dad being greeted in the spirit of Bhakti. Read More


It is the 7th day of the New year 2020, still I am not able to gather myself from the hangover of Mahasatsang – Aniruddha Bhaktibhav Chaitanya. I try to pull myself back to concentrate on work but the Nostalgia of the premUtsav takes me back to 31st December. The intensity of volunteers and their team to put everything in place before Bapu arrives for the Mahasatsang was conspicuous. Read More


It was a great pleasure for me to attend this mega event of ‘Aniruddha Bhakti Bhav Chaitanya’. I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to Samir Dada and his expert team (All volunteers) for making this special day one to remember for a lifetime. Once again Samir Dada and his team shown their management skills. Everything went flawlessly and the program went smoothly even though Shraddhavans were in such a huge number. Read More


31st December 2019 - the day that every shraddhavan was looking forward to.... This was the day of the mega-event - the 'once in a lifetime' program - where every shraddhavan would get the opportunity to spend 9-10 hrs with their beloved Sadguru (Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi). The icing on the cake was that this was to happen on the last day of 2019. On this day shraddhavans were to drown themselves in  (Sadguru Devotion Sentience).  Read More


Kaliyug mein ekahi trata Aniruddha Ram re | Mere sang chale bole mera Jagjethi re ...This opening gajar still reverberates in my ears. Honestly, I can visualize the entire mega event even now. Right from the moment our beloved Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu entered the venue walking gracefully to his New Year’s address that he delivered at the end, I have locked every moment in my memory bank. Read More

This is how you start your new year - in presence of beloved SADGURU - ANIRUDDHA BAPU. He is the one who will always stand with you no matter what circumstances are.  I feel proud that I spent 31st with almost 40000 shraddhavan friends watching the divine event ANIRUDDHA BHAKTIBHAV CHAITANYA. It was a mega event at D Y Patil stadium with abhangs related to bhakti and seva.  Read More

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