‘Rama Rama Atmarama Trivikrama SadguruSamartha
SadguruSamartha Trivikrama Atmarama Rama Rama’

The step that the Almighty takes in the life of the Shraddhavans is the

‘Mantragajar of the Swayambhagwan’.

The place absolute and supreme, all-propitious, of highest bliss (Mangaldham) and joy (Sukhadham), is the Mantragajar of the Trivikram.

The Mantragajar of the Swayambhagwan is the prana or the life force of the Devotion Sentience. The Mantragajar brings with it infinite wealths, is rich with boundless capacities and powers and is unstoppable meaning the ‘Aniruddha’ – the One that has extraordinary pace and course. The bhajan of the Mantragajar can deliver from sin the vilest of the sinners.

The Mantragajar is the medium through which the name (Naam) of the Trivikram enters into and pervades every cell, every gland, every thought, every feeling, also every involuntary action of the Shraddhavan. Not only that, but it also enters into and pervades the six great foes or the defilements that are – desire, fury, greed, temptation, passion and jealousy. Moreover, the Mantragajar uses these very foes for good and virtuous deeds in the lives of the Shraddhavans.

Whatever done cherishing the Mantragajar of the Swayambhagwan in words, mind and heart, how much ever wrong it be, it gradually starts to be good, beneficial and auspicious.

The Mantragajar holds the highest place in the Devotion Sentience.

In the Devotion Sentience, the Mantragajar of the Trivikram is considered the supreme bhajan, and thus the Devotion Sentience cannot increasingly bloom or flourish without the Bhajan of the Almighty (Bhagwat Bhajan).

In the Devotion Sentience, the Mantragajar of the Swayambhagwan Trivikram is considered the supreme as it was chanted by Shubhatreyi, the sister of Shree Dattatreya.

The Mantragajar naturally holds within it the names (Naam) of all the deities, devas revered by just every person as the name of any deity is the name of none other than the ‘Keshav’ or the One beyond the confines of the form (Sarv dev namaskaram Keshavam prati gachchhati). Though the Keshav is the One beyond the confines of the form, He is in form. Moreover, ‘Keshav’ is originally the name of the ‘Swayambhagwan Trivikram’ Himself. He Himself is Rama, He is Krishna, He is also Shiva and Vishnu as well.

It is not possible for the ordinary beings to always and in entirety be conscious about the live existence and the platonic love of the Swayambhagwan. However, very lovingly chanting the Mantragajar of the Devotion Sentience not only helps to increase the namasmaran but also makes sporadic remembrance perpetual.

When a Shraddhavan completes chanting of 16 mala (1 mala is equivalent to 108 times) of the Mantragajar every day consistently through a minimum of 3 years, he will have all sixteen petals of his Vishuddha Chakra (Kanthakoop Chakra) cleansed, purified; meaning thereby that his Vishuddha Chakra will then become the 'Hanumat Chakra'. In the births that follow, this Shraddhavan will then come in all happiness, live in all joy and in joy it is that he will merge.

As for the one, who is unable to recite the Mantragajar equivalent to 16 mala every day, may as per his capacity, keep reciting it ‘without counting’ and keep offering it at ‘His’ feet – the life of this Shraddhavan too is bound to keep becoming increasingly beautiful.

The waves of the Devotion Sentience keep rising from the Mantragajar and keep providing everything to those who wish to shape their lives right and well.

The Mantragajar of the Swayambhagwan is the one and only mantra that brings us peace and contentment. Every human born keeps facing difficulties, questions, miseries and adversities. Again, it is the Mantragajar, the capable and the absolute, which can efficiently get us out of even these hardships.

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