The Devotion Sentience explained…

The Devotion Sentience means ‘truly experiencing and perceiving spirituality’ that is, knowing more about, recognizing and bringing into our life the Swayambhagwan and His pastimes (leelas). The Swayambhagwan is the One who is the Lord of the Gods, the One who runs the universe effectively, He is the very basis of the human joy.

The Swayambhagwan Trivikram is eternal, in-form, figuration of the Devotion Sentience.

The ‘Devotion Sentience’ is whatever a bhakta does after leading his mind into a state wherein the Trivikram is the Lord of the Gods to him, and he is a servitor at His feet.

That is, performing any one or two or three or four or, in fact, all the manners of the expression of bhakti (the ‘Navavidh bhakti’) of the Swayambhagwan Trivikram with a firm and steadfast faith that He is ‘the One who I adore the most, He is the Lord of the Gods and the hero of my life’.

The bhakti that the Swayambhagwan has for and performs of the Aadimata and the Dattaguru is the original and the basic bhakti. Hence, the bhakti of any deity by a bhakta ultimately merges into the Devotion Sentience.

The ‘Devotion Sentience’ means the love of the Swayambhagwan. It means that the Devotion Sentience and the Swayambhagwan Trivikram are one and the same and this is a great secret of the Devotion Sentience.

The ‘Devotion Sentience’ is the Swayambhagwan and remaining in the Devotion Sentience means remaining within the immense form of the Almighty and this happens naturally as the Swayambhagwan has already pervaded this entire universe and even it’s every molecule, it’s every atom. Hence, He is called the ‘MahaVishnu’. (The root verb ‘विश्‌’ that forms that word ‘विष्णु’, in Sanskrit means ‘to pervade’). 

The Swayambhagwan in the form of the Akash or the Space is all-pervading. To cherish and be conscious of the feeling that He is within me as well as outside and around me is the ‘Devotion Sentience’.

Even if I sum up all the love that all my well-wishers and relatives from the scores of my births had for me, it would not compare to even the one-tenth of the love that the Swayambhagwan Trivikram has for me. Knowing this and loving Him boundlessly, even more, is the ‘Devotion Sentience’.

Nobody can know the Trivikram by reflecting over knowledge or through extensive studies. One can only know Him by loving Him and His feet. And increasingly loving Him is the Devotion Sentience.

Totally enamoured by the name (Naam), form, attributes and qualities of the Trivikram and recalling them time and again is the ‘Trivikram Bhaktibhav Chaitanya’.

Chanting the Mantragajar of the Trivikram, cherishing in the heart the increasing love for Sadguru Trivikram and always being drawn to His feet that is being fond of serving Him is exactly what the ‘Trivikram Bhaktibhav Chaitanya’ is.

The form of the Swayambhagwan that we love the most is His truest form. We should cherish in our heart ‘His’ form, name and pastime (leela) that we adore and love Him infinitely like Yashoda, but for that, we have to follow ‘Him’ and take only the path laid down by Him. And this is exactly the ‘secret key of the Devotion Sentience’- ‘Charaiveti, charaiveti! Bhajaiveti, bhajaiveti!’- “Move forward but following ‘Him’ (behind ‘Him’)” as we perform bhakti. The Vedas too say - ‘Charaiveti, charaiveti’. Char eva iti

The Devotion Sentience is the most favourable and the most extensive path that brings into our lives, the Bhagwant that is the Swayambhagwan and to also have Him ascend the throne of our heart.

The Devotion Sentience is the supreme philosophy and the highest conduct to fill with joy not just one but all the births to come. The Devotion Sentience is the feeling, the sentiment that simplifies the three extremely difficult paths of Yoga Marga, Gyan Marga and Karma Marga and establishes the Bhagwanta's live presence, His connection in our life firmly. The Devotion Sentience is also the ‘Sacchidananda dharma’ or the way of life that is Sacchidananda.

I am a part of the Almighty that is I am not separated from the Almighty – for making this truth a part of life, the Devotion Sentience is the best, the most available and the simplest path.

Hence, for the entire mankind, the pastimes, the leelas of the Swayambhagwan is the only knowledge, getting own self attached at His feet by chanting the Mantragajar of the Devotion Sentience is the only Yoga and loving Him and at the same time offering all my good-bad deeds at His feet is the only Karma. The Devotion Sentience enriched by these three aspects is the only and a unique path to a happy life for people of all tendencies and temperaments.

Thus, in our life, above any person, any purpose or aim, anything, any inanimate object and also any joy, increasingly loving the Swayambhagwan Trivikram is the only sentient key (Chaitanyasutra) to solve all the problems.

The Swayambhagwan gets involved only in the Devotion Sentience. He is free from the sinfulness of sin and the virtuousness of virtue. Owing to remaining in the Devotion Sentience, the path of the upliftment is opened, and after a little wait, a bhakta is entirely delivered from sin by the Swayambhagwan Himself. Thus, remaining in the Devotion Sentience helps reduce, destroy the effects of the inevitable law of karma. The Swayambhagwan delivers from sin – even the most felonious of criminals, the vilest of the sinners, those who have crossed the final limits of sins, those who haven’t left any sin from being committed – if they enter the domain of the Devotion Sentience.

Sins are destroyed of only a Shraddhavan who increasingly remains within the Devotion Sentience to the maximum possible extent.

Remaining within the Devotion Sentience makes the worldly life joyful, helps to overcome various hurdles, brings several opportunities and successes closer. The Devotion Sentience is the supreme devout austerity, and it is only the Devotion Sentience with which the Shraddhavans can win ‘Him’ over.

When the feelings of being a servitor, a very close and a dear friend – a companion to the Swayambhagwan and surrendering at His divine feet are pronounced in the mind by a bhakta, though sporadically, the Swayambhagwan Himself takes the bhakta speedily forward on the path of Bhakti, keeps accepting his seva, however small or minuscule, considering it to be many times more than in reality. The Swayambhagwan then brings about his transformation from a bhakta to the Shraddhavan, the Shraddhavan who is His very close and a dear friend, a companion. And then the Swayambhagwan puts him in the Devotion Sentience.

To become a Shraddhavan one needs to know just one point – the Swayambhagwan is the only One who can give 108% complete and true love. Moreover, He is always eager to give this love.

And once a bhakta gets to know this, he is transformed into a Shraddhavan and then for him, life becomes nothing but the ‘Devotion Sentience’ that is the reservoir of joy.

We strongly remain in the Devotion Sentience as a servitor of the Swayambhagwan, at the same time, the Swayambhagwan, the One with absolute power and the One whose course and the pace is unstoppable (meaning Aniruddha), remains our servitor and a beloved friend and a companion.

Though the nine manners of expression of bhakti (the ‘Navavidh bhakti’), appear and give the impression that they are different from the others, the original and the basic form of all the nine is nothing but the ‘Dasottar Sakkhya’ that is, achieving very close and dear friendship and companionship after being a servitor. ‘He’ lives within the heart of the one who has the Devotion Sentience.

If one gains everything in life but not the Devotion Sentience, he cannot enjoy his gains. On the other hand, if one has achieved the Devotion Sentience, it makes even the unachieved, joyous and pleasant.

It is only the Devotion Sentience of the Swayambhagwan Trivikram that is unique, the only One eternal truth that has the capacity to carry your entire load.

The one and only potion (rasayana) or the analeptic (sanjeevak) medication to develop all types of good competencies and potencies in a person is the ‘Devotion Sentience’.

The foot that the Almighty sets in the life of a Shraddhavan is the Mantragajar of the Swayambhagwan.

I am only a farmer of the farm that is my life and the Swayambhagwan is the owner – inculcating and imprinting this on my mind while chanting the malas of the Mantragajar is the ‘Devotion Sentience’.

All that is required from us in the Devotion Sentience is to chant the Mantragajar as much as possible and receive His love.

For a Shraddhavan who has entered the Devotion Sentience, the Swayambhagwan Trivikram, His Mantragajar, reflecting on the form He assumes in the Kaliyuga, loving this form, performing His bhakti (Sagun bhakti) and seva, performing the bhakti and the worship of any One of the Members of the Chandika Kula that we like or adore is all but one and the same.

For every human being, the only thing needed to safely bring out his life from the deep and tangled jungle of the destiny is the Sadguru Devotion Sentience. Here ‘Sadguru’ means the NityaSadguru that is the Swayambhagwan Trivikram, and the ‘Devotion Sentience’ means doing as much as, whenever possible – ‘His’ namasmaran, narrating the experiences of the fellow bhaktas that they have got of Him, listening to His pastimes, listening to the bhajan-abhang, reading ‘His’ life stories and remaining in His poojan, seva and contemplation; that is, always being connected and in communication with Him in a lively and spirited manner as it is the true bhakti of His that in the real sense keeps a man alive and makes his life interesting. And ‘He’ does this because ‘His’ heart is the abode of the ‘primeval life force’ of the universe and beyond, the Jagadamba.

The Ramnaam, the five-lettered Shiva Mantra (Om Namah Shivaya) and the complete surrender at the feet of the Sadguru are like the Kashi, Prayag and Haridwar on the banks of the Ganges in the form of the Devotion Sentience. And the ‘Triveni’ or the ‘Chaitanya Ganga’ formed at the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati of the Devotion Sentience is the Aadimata Jagadamba that is the Paramaba.

The whole of the Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta and the complete Ramayana is, in fact, the literary form of the Devotion Sentience.

The ‘Devotion Sentience’ is a never-ending, eternal treasure that every Shraddhavan must greatly exploit. The permission, the consent and the freedom to exploit this treasure to our heart’s content have already been given by none other than the Trivikram Himself.

The Master key to the Trivikram Devotion Sentience is the ‘complete servitorship’, and the door that this key opens is one of the very close and dear friendship and companionship.

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