He saw his children in pain,
He saw our upcoming sorrow,
Like a Mother protecting her cubs,
He decided to live amongst us.
For the love of his children,
One of us He became,
He loves us beyond infinity & thus,
He decided to live amongst us.
For His children were in despair,
Faith in His Mother they lacked,
He taught them, in Her to put their trust
While he lived amongst us.
Aimlessly we were living,
He taught us Bhakti Bhaav Chaitanya,
Shraddhavans He called us,
As He continued to live amongst us.
And then sunshine replaced darkness,
Life was full of happiness and glee,
No time we have to fret or fuss,
Because He is living with us.
But tell me dear Dad,
Sometimes we forget you or even forget to pray,
But You still love us so much
And continue to live with us?
Dear Dad, how can I love You more,
And give you all the love You deserve?
How can I serve You
And make you smile as You live amongst us?
You Dad are the bestest,
Just knowing You're here sets everything right,
I want to say Ambadnya that you chose,
To live amongst us.

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