Dad’s nature of living in the Present tense – Aniruddha Bapu Devotee Kavitaveera Deshmukh

As we know, Dad (Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu) has numerous qualities which are all quite admirable and absorbable, which help an individual to self-analyze and reflect one's behavior on all grounds. Similarly, one such quality which has recently struck my mind is his nature of always living in the present, irrespective of the situation around him.

Dad says, "Irrespective of the people and the circumstances around me, I remain the same, constant because, at all times, I live in the present and never lose sight of reality.
For me, the awareness and retention of the past are meant only to enhance alertness in the present moment, whereas gauging the future is meant to become cautious and wakeful in the present moment; that is my nature." These words indeed help us to learn more about Dad's personality, but also act as ringing bells to implement and execute it in our lives. Although bringing this change in oneself is quite challenging, Dad always helps Shraddhavans to imbibe such good qualities and thoughts more efficiently. And He, the doer himself, always demonstrates it before giving a word. He has already nailed this quality in his everyday life. A true role model, his daily routine, and Dad as a whole indeed have again been underlined here.

Being a person who has recently experienced the consequences of not living these words in reality has made me rethink and re-implement it again in my life. Constant daydreaming, overthinking, and fictional imagination of oneself, whereas luring in the past, sobbing on our past deeds ultimately leads to stagnancy and ultimately drowns our present state and also opportunities right in front of us. While Dad himself practised this quality daily, he once referred to Bharat ji (Shri Ram's brother) regarding this nature, saying One must be like Bharat ji because he has always been living in Present Tense throughout his life. As this assertion has recently helped me to reflect on my actions, I pray to Dad to help me absorb such a rewarding nature more efficiently.

- Kavitaveera Deshmukh

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