20) What is the ‘Naathsanvidh’?

Answer – Naathsanvidh means the plan by the Jagadamba Durga, a special plan by Her for my new birth, which is different from my previous births. 

The Naathsanvidh meaning the plan of the birth, the complete plan of my whole life that is made with the five attributes from the Dattaguru, the AadipitaMahadurgeshwar and AadimataJagadambaDurga namely – wish, love, compassion, forgiveness and providence of competency and potency. For every person to walk only by this plan, the one and only Bhagwan Trivikram continuously keep working to strengthen his faith and good qualities.

However, care is taken to ensure that the plan does not obstruct the free will of a person. A person is free to accept or reject this plan, but only this plan is the ‘bestest’ for a person.

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