Bapu’s promise “I WILL NEVER FORESAKE YOU!” – Anirudha Bapu Devotee Amrutaveera Ketkar

We all agree that the fulfilment of the promise constitutes the core of the statement. However, it may be challenging or impossible for a person to keep a promise given to others. Who could one look up to in such circumstances with unflinching trust that there is someone who not only always keeps his word but also won't leave them behind? 'Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu' is such, one and alone.

I will never leave you is one of the numerous promises that Bapu has often bestowed upon me and the rest of the family. This vow by Bapu, in which he guarantees not only not to leave us but also that it is an unbreakable commitment, strikes me as being quite strong as I read it and affirm it. Bapu has repeatedly reaffirmed his unwavering love for us and his vow that He will be at our side in both good and bad times and never leave us, no matter what! As long as a devotee/Shraddhavan has faith in Bapu, he will never be alone, regardless of his misdeeds.

We are aware of Bapu's concern (plan/Naathsanvidh) in everything and his assurances to us on his promise to everyone who calls out to Him in love. Through his discourses, Bapu has touched the hearts of all Shraddhavans and taught them the proper way to approach God in order to rely on His promises. This is why my Bapu has not only given us his rain of promises, but along the way, he has also taught me how to pray and how to be glad and grateful for hearing my prayers and meeting my needs precisely in time.

When life throws us obstacles, My Bapu's promise serves as a strong anchor because it reminds us of how He consistently shows up to support us in overcoming those obstacles and help us emerge as his victorious children.

Amruta Ketkar, Goregaon

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