Faith and patience can make life better – Aniruddha Bapu Devotee Ojaswini Udupikar

The great saying from our beloved Sai Baba is 'Shraddha and Saburi'.
Shraddha, which means FAITH that we keep in our God or our Sadguru, is the belief that, whatever the situation, my Sadguru is always behind my back.
Saburi means PATIENCE, the ability to wait for good/apt to happen. To wait for the exact time to come for something to happen. If we implement these two keywords, 'Shraddha and Saburi', in our lifestyle, they could be the game changers in this ongoing life.
We, as human beings, always want immediate results from whatever trials we make in our life. It is human nature to get the outcome as soon as we do something, which is fine, but if the results are not as expected, we are stressed and blame ourselves or even God. That is why we must learn to keep patience and trust in our Sadguru. The faith has to be built so strong that whatever happens, happens for a good reason.
Our Beloved Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu, Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi always says,
You take your first step towards success. I will take the next hundred steps with You. He says you are my Child, and I am here to clear all your stress and worries, so why do we stress so much when our Sadguru is always with us?
In BHAGWAT GEETA, it is said, 'Tough times will come and go away. Learn to tolerate them without being affected by them. Nothing is permanent in this World. So why stress for something that would come into your life or wouldn't?
The motive to explain here is to keep faith and patience during all the happenings in our life. God always blesses us with happiness on some or another day, and yes, the day could be today or tomorrow. Our Sadguru has the best plans for us. Keeping this vision can change life from worst to best or surely bestest.
As someone said, patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting ' and this good attitude we can get by keeping that trust and faith, i.e. 'Shraddha'.
- Ojaswini Udupikar, Pune
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