04) What is forbearance?

Answer – 99% of the happiness and misery that come our way are either short-lived or they change their appearance.

Understanding this short period well and not letting anybody deceive or trick us, is forbearance and fortitude.

It is this forbearance that does away with unnecessary fear, fury and temptation.

Besides, forbearance is not just waiting patiently, but taking the effort to resolve the problem that has arisen, and keeping the fortitude and firm faith that my dearest God is sure to grant the fruit that is apt for me. He will never ever let me down.

What we understand by faith, is turning to God to ask for fulfillment of a wish and forbearance for us is impatient waiting.

It is possible to feign wealth, valour and even faith but it is just not possible to feign forbearance. So, that is where insincere bhakti and false faith are exposed.

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