13) Why is Fury or Rage called the most effective of the six defilements (Foes) and referred to as Bhasmasura?

Answer – ‘Desire’, ‘fury’, ‘greed’, ‘temptation’, ‘passion’ and ‘jealousy’ are the six dreadful foes that stand in the way of every human, who dreams of realization.

Fury, the most effective and lethal of the six, can bring about total destruction. One tends to lose control over oneself and acts done in a fit of fury can cost us dear, to the extent of causing irreparable damage to our lives.

The reason behind our fury is always external, it is always someone other than us, who is responsible for it or so we are convinced.

As a matter of fact, fury subsists in the mind, it grows, and the moment there is a suitable trigger, it blows up. Fury thrives on and is sustained by inappropriate thoughts, wrong food, improper activities and misdirected expectations.

Anger in protest against injustice is indeed a sign of vigour and vitality. It is totally different from expressed or unexpressed anger set off by trifles that harms the angry person more than anybody else.

When I am enraged and when I do not at all try to curb my anger, various chemical reactions in the body are adversely affected, and the effect does not wear off easily.

High blood pressure, peptic ulcer, acidity, heart disease, arthritis, bronchial asthma are a few of the diseases that can be traced to uncontrollable and excessive anger. Modern medicine too supports this view.

The grip of the Mahaprana on the mind as also the command and influence of the Almighty both slacken because of rage. Rage also stands in the way of progress on the path of bhakti.

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