34) Is the effect of the inevitable law of karma destroyed in the Devotion Sentience?

Answer – Owing to remaining in the Devotion Sentience, the path of the upliftment is opened, and after a little wait a bhakta is entirely delivered from sin; that is, remaining in the Devotion Sentience, helps destroy the effects of the inevitable law of karma.

The Swayambhagwan is free from the sinfulness of sin and virtuousness of virtue. He gets involved only in the Devotion Sentience. In the 30thverse of the 9th chapter of the ShreemadBhagwatGeeta, Bhagwan Shree Krishna clearly says –

“Even if a very vicious and immoral person worships Me with total surrender, he should be regarded virtuous; for, he has very rightly resolved to do bhakti.

 The Swayambhagwan is the one and only true Sadguru and His Mantragajar that was recited by Subhatreyi, can deliver from the sin even the most felonious of morons – the vilest of the sinners, those who have crossed the final limits of sins, those who haven’t left any sin from being committed, if they enter the domain of the Devotion Sentience.

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