07) What is Namaskara?

AnswerNamaskara is not merely joining the hands in prayer; it is steering the straying mind in the apt direction. The word ‘namah’ can be said to stand between ‘manah’ (mind) and ‘namah’ (Namaskara). The catalyst in the process of steering the mind in the apt direction is ‘namah’ and ‘manah’ (ego) its opposite, is the catalyst in the opposite process, viz. the straying of the mind.

I must be able to turn inside out, the ‘Dhara’ (meaning flow and signifying the mind) and make out of it, ‘Radha’. What after all is Radha? Radha is pure, sheer, single-minded, whole-hearted bhakti. Radha is ‘Lhadini’, the ‘AlhadiniShakti’, the loving grace of God that sows joy in our life.

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