15) Who are the TriNaath?

Answer – Only the Dattaguru, the SahajaShivaMahadurgeshwar and the JagadambaDurga together are termed ‘Naath’. The Dattaguru is the unexpressed that is the NiranjanNaath; the SahajaShivaMahadurgeshwar or the AadiNaath is the SagunNaath, and JagadambaDurga or the UdayNaath is the SakalNaath. The Three are termed ‘Naath’ that is ‘Parameshwar’. In the word ‘नाथ’ (Naath) – the ‘न’ stands for the NiranjanNaath, the ‘आ’ for the SagunNaath and the ‘थ’ for the SakalNaath. 

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