16) How did the universe originate?

Answer – The universe was created from the original, primeval wish or the impulse of the Dattaguru – “EkosmiBahusyaam” meaning, ‘I am one. I want to become numerous, multiples, in multiples, infinitude’, and with this resolve the ParameshwarDattaguru Himself assumed the form of ‘Shree MannaNarayan’ or the ‘Shree Mahadurgeshwar’ and His wish took the form of the ‘AadimataGayatri’ or the ‘Jagadamba’ or the ‘Chandika’. The creation of the universe, its maintenance and also its merger back into Him is the pastime (leela) of the Parameshwar Himself.

This power of pastime (leela) of the ParameshwarDattaguru is called the ‘Lalita’. The AadimataJagadambaLalita is the primeval, the very first pastime of the Parameshwar. She is also the eternal pastime of the ParampitaDattaguru, the NityaShiva and also the primeval desire (AadyaKaamana) of the Mahakameshwar.

The Lalita is the AadiVidya, ShuddhaVidya, ParaaShakti, Chandika, MahaDurga, also ShreeVidya. The Parameshwar is the ‘Shree MannaNarayan’ while She is the ‘Narayani’; the Parameshwar is the ‘Shree Mahadurgeshwar’ while She is the ‘MahaDurga; the Parameshwar is the ‘Mahakameshwar’ while She is the Lalita ‘MahakameshwariKaamakala’.

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