19) How are the Omkara, the Ramnaam and the Trivikram mutually related?

Answer – The Sanskrit one-lettered mantra ‘Om’ that incorporates the absolute power of the TriNaath is the origin and the basis of the creation of the universe. 

In the same manner, the Ramnaam is the supreme mantra that holds the combined and simultaneous existence of the TriNaath. The letter ‘रं’, that is part of the word ‘राम’ (Ram), signifies ‘Agni’ that is the ‘SahajaShiva’, the letter ‘आ’ signifies ‘the original and the basic divine light’ that is the ‘Sacchidananda’, the letter ‘आ’ also signifies (beej) joy, the letter ‘म’ signifies the ‘Shomabeej’ of the AadiMata.

As a result, though the Mahavishnu taking pride in Ramnaam assumed the avatar of ‘Ram’, the Ramnaam is, in fact, complete and alive with all the Beej Mantras of all the TriNaath.

The Dattaguru and hence the SahajaShiva and the Jagadamba, hold the Ramnaam most dear. The letter ‘रा’ in the Ramnaam holds and provides the power of the SahajaShiva that is the power of paternity and the letter ‘म’ holds and provides the power of the Jagadamba that is the power of maternity to everyone, to every Shraddhavan as much necessary. The Hanumant Himself is the carrier of the Ramnaam; moreover, the Ramnaam also makes up the form of the Trivikram.

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