10) How can Spirituality, Spiritual Life and worldly life be blended together?

Answer – To live a virtuous worldly life and while doing so, allowing the mind to enter into and take over the subconscious mind is spirituality; whereas to discharge virtuously, all necessary bodily deeds with spirituality as the ultimate objective is living a worldly life.

Every deed of our life is eventually an offering unto the Almighty. He is aware of every word, spoken or unspoken; every deed, every thought, at the very moment these occur. In fact, every moment of our life is open to Him. Spirituality consists in never losing sight of these facts. And so, walking this path leads to contentment, peace and everlasting joy.

Truth, Love and Joy is the only trio of rules of Spirituality whereas Bhakti, Seva and purification of values are the only means of spirituality.

The first successful step towards a spiritual life is living the Brahmacharyashrama, the Grihasthashrama and the Vanaprasthashrama stages of worldly life, with utmost virtue, righteousness and not failing our duty; in other words, the Purushartha of financial pursuits and that of desire have to happen as per the prescriptions of dharma.

If seva and bhakti are made part of the worldly life that we may live as given above, the purification of values takes place, and we end up taking the second successful step of spirituality.

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