05) What is Dasyabhakti?

Answer – The Dasyabhakti is certainly not pleading, servility, dependance or even feeblemindedness. The Dasyabhakti is ‘wanting to become as sufficient and as strong as the Master’ and with this desire in mind, humbly living at His Feet and constraining oneself to all His laws.

Serving the Paramatma, is becoming the server of the love, the fearlessness and the sanctity of the Parameshwar.

The Dasyabhakti is complete surrender. As Bhagwan Shree Krishna says,



Sarvadharmanparityajyamamekamsharanamvraja |

Ahamtvasarvapapebhyomokshayishyamimaashucha ||

The Bhagwanta says, “O man, shed all your urges, your inclinations and surrender unto Me. I will release you of all sin and grant you the supreme position.”

Giving the Parameshwar preference over all else before setting about a task, is the first condition of Dasyabhakti.

To do every deed for the Parameshwar alone, is the second condition of Dasyabhakti.

To be determined that in my life, whatever is apt is what will happen and it is the Parameshwar, who will make it happen and not be hopeful that the Parameshwar fulfill what I want in life.

I will not ask for the fruit of my seva and my bhakti. I will be contented with whatever He grants me and I will commit and offer my life in His seva, wanting constantly to offer more and more of myself. This is the fourth condition of Dasyabhakti.

No more ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, no more terms and conditions on my part. They are all over. ‘Happiness or misery, get Your work done’. Such an ardent and genuine desire addressed to the Parameshwar, is the fifth condition of Dasyabhakti.

The seva and the love of the Bhagwanta becomes a source of increasing joy and enriches life both from the individual worldly point of view and from the point of view of attaining the highest aim. Ensuring that this worldly enrichment does not take me away from my entity as server and also that the spiritual progress does not inflate the ego is the sixth condition of the Dasyabhakti.

The conviction that Hanumanta is the only ideal and perfect path and that Bharata’s conduct is the only compass that will guide us in our journey of life, is the seventh and most important condition of Dasyabhakti.

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