18) Who is Trivikram?

Answer – The Sachchidananda, i.e. ‘the joy – live, actual and sentient’, of the TriNaath viz. the ParmeshwarDattaguru, the AadiPitaaSahajaShiva Narayan and the AadimataJagadambaNarayani, who manifest as the Sat, Chid, Anand, which is the joy that pervades the entire universe and fills fully, the life of bhaktas. This joy is He, the Swayambhagwan; it is He, the joy of the TriNaath, in substance it is He, the Trivikram.

The Trivikram is the divine bond of love between the TriNaath.

The two words the ‘Trivikram’ and the ‘Swayambhagwan’ are one and the same.

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