32) What happens when we believe that ‘I’ am a very small portion of the Swayambhagwan that is my jivatma is a part of the Swayambhagwan Himself and the ‘Swayambhagwan’ is the whole?

Answer – I am a very small portion of the Almighty, I belong to Him, He resides in my heart, I can live happily only within His love – when a person forgets this eternal truth and takes to the Almighty only for meeting his needs, his state becomes like that of the lone drop separated from the ocean. The drop that is the jivatma or that person’s existence then turns negligible or insignificant and this tiny droplet of water incapable of doing anything seeps into the ground to turn into a muddy puddle.

It is only when the droplet separated from the ocean turns into vapour due to the heat of the sun, rises up in the sky to become rainwater and again merges back into the ocean that it gets the power of the entire ocean, that is the drop achieves the backing of the whole ocean. Likewise, when a person always bears in mind the awareness and consciousness that he is a very small portion of the infinite and the unfathomable Swayambhagwan, he is provided everything by the divine ‘BhagwatSamudra’.

I am a very small portion of the Almighty that is I am not separated from the Almighty – for making this truth a part of life, the Devotion Sentience is the best, the most readily available and the simplest path.

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