01) What is Bhakti and bhava?

Answer - Bhakti is calling to the mind with all the love, the Supreme Being, it is His darshan, it is singing of His praises, it is selfless service and all effort taken to weave the divine principles of Truth, Love and Joy into our life.

'Bhajasevayam'. The root of the Sanskrit verb 'bhaja', means 'serving with love'. Serving my God with all my love is bhakti. So bhakti is loving God and serving all His children who suffer because of their destinies.

The path that lets us achieve the love of the Parameshwar is the path of Bhakti.

Bhakti is serving with love, it is a heart full of tender feelings, ever-growing and strengthened by its power that is love.

Being constantly conscious about the existence of the Swayambhagwan and progressive strengthening of the same simultaneously while discharging my roles, responsibilities, and duties is how the complete Bhakti is defined.


Bhava means a true heartfelt feeling.

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