Ramraksha Part 1 (Ramo Rajmani Sada Vijayate) – 19 September 2019

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 19th September 2019

Hari Om    Shri Ram   Ambadnya

Naathsanvidh Naathsanvidh  Naathsanvidh

So Hi buddies. How are you all? Absolutely…Doing well. Ok..So we are going to start today with Ram Raksha stotra. I want to tell you something and ask you.
See you were singing Rama Rama Atmarama….Here I understand there is lot of crowd and no much space. But see at my age of 64 how flexible still today I am. How much you people are. I want to give you inferiority complex. Ok, No problems. But are you able to move this much as I move? Don’t say Yes or No. Just answer this question in your own mind. Right! And that is the ideal thing. Right. Try to do it, don’t stretch your body too much. But what I am showing you again. This action has to be done in this way which will give much more strength to your own gajar what you are doing. Right, Agreed. How much was I moving can you recall,can you recollect. How many degrees? I thought you said, 380 degrees, I said I don’t know how to get 380 degrees as such. 180 degrees exactly, from this side to this side very slowly, very swiftly. Ok. You may not exactly reach that, agreed, but try to increase every week by 1mm, 2mm, 3 mm…Ok…It is not an exercise for body, it is an exercise for your mind as well as because it will train your mind properly.Okay..Ok..Forget it. Forget means don’t forget what I said. Forget everything else. Let us start with Ram Raksha.

I am not going to start with the first shloka of Ram Raksha. But as I told you last time, I will start with the last shloka of Ram Raksha, what is called as Shri Ram Vijaymantra. Right. So the first sentence is

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate| Yes…ah bas.. only the first sentence. I am not going to hurry at all. You may be but I am not. Okay… Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate|

What is so big deal? What is big deal?.Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate…Where is Ram nowat present he is not here. We learning in English medium school, we call him Rama. Ok. He is not Rama, he is Ram. Okay. Rama Rama Atmarama means we are calling him,“Hey Ram”. That says it is Rama. So…atleast we should learn to call him Ram, not Rama. Okay. Not Surpanakaa, but call her Shurpanakha. Yes. Agreed. We don’t need to acquire unnecessary accent, right… in a wrong way.

We are Indians and we are proud to be Indians. Right. So Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate. What is the straight forward, simple meaning of this sentence.This statement tells us Ram ,Shree Ram, Swayambhagwan Shri Ram. Sada.. what do you mean by Sada?Always..always means what? What do you mean by always? Forever, No not only forever, beyond that. Whichever Yuga it is, whichever tense it is. In the present tense also he will win, he is winning.  Future also, he will win and past also he has only won. And not only that he has the capacity to enter into your past and make you win again in your present tense and your future. Sada means this all, this everything. Right. We are not able to enter into your past and correct, rectify many mistakes which you have performed, done or committed or by chance they have occurred from. We cannot right as human beings but Ram can enter into your past even in you previous births and correct all the mistakes all those we have committedwhether knowingly or unknowingly. But Ram does it knowingly, that is the meaning of Sada.

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate| means he only wins is a very small term. What is the better word for that. I have not yet gone to Rajamani. I am only on that Vijayate means what. Yes. He wins is a simple. For say Junior kg, Senior kg- boys and girls to learn.Right. He is victorious. Okay. What is the difference between winning and victory? You think that Bapu has started taking Grammar class..ya right. Certainly not. I am not bothered of any grammar, any dialogue, any language in this world, never, never, never. I bother for the love that my friends and my children have. That’s all. I don’t bother for grammar and anything else.So what is the difference between this winning and victory. Ahh….Between always! No no no not that.

Vijayate. What is the difference between Jay and Vijay? Jay means winning and victory as well, both. Vijay… whereas What is Vijay? He is playing with words. I am not sitting or standing here to play with words. Vijay means? I have told you, What is one name of Ganapati? Vinayak. You can translate this word in two ways. Can understand this word in two ways.

विशेषेणनायक: सः| (Visheshen nayakah sah) In Sanskrit. विशेषेणनायक|

There is no better hero. There is no better chief than Ganapati. That is Vinayak. Or Vinayak means villain also. Which meaning you want to accept it depends on you. But he is not a villain who creates obstacles, he is the one who removes obstacles. Right. We have understand everything by our own experiences. Right. He is Mangalmurti, not Amangalmurti.  Mangalmurti Morya we say. So Vijayate means what. It is not only winning and victory. But Visheshen Jayate. Vishesh Roopen Jayate. Means what? Means his victory is spotless. His victory is perfect, is complete.See if you achieve something,Like say, few days back, we heard somesad sad story, somebody was climbing, many people like picnic go to the Everest right. A lot of crowd and two people died. Because of that crowd over there right. They achieved something. But at the same time what cost, at what cost. Cost of their own life. Right. Is it a victory, is it a winning. No. To gain something, you have to lose everything else. Is that a victory. To earn moneywe have to lose our self respect. We have to lose our own identity. Is it earning? No…Right… Okay…So victory has to be spotless that is Vijaya. Ok. So what is Vijaya. Vijaya is a spotless victory which is always beneficial only and never creates any further hazards. That is VIjayate. So Ramo Rajamani. Sowhat is the meaning of the word Rajamani. Rajamani means Rajon ka Raja, the King of Kings, the almighty king, the ultimate king all the meanings are on the one side of the story right. One other meaning of the word- mani. i.e. Mani means the jewel. Rajamani- the king of jewels. Ok that is also accepted. There is a third meaning. Mani means mantra. Mani means mantra. Means he is the king of all mantras. And Ram, the Swayambhagwan himself and his name itself is the king of all the mantras. He is always victorious in a spotless time. Ok Bapu, so what…So what do we gain from this? What do we get from this?For that we have tounderstand, how is the victory? For that we have to go back to Sunderkand.

Prabisi nagar kije sab….Who is saying this?Lankini. The protector of Lanka. Ok. Prabisi nagar kije sab kaja.She tells Hanumanji.Prabisi nagar kije sab kaja. Means Prabisi nagar, enter the city - Prabisi nagar kije sab kaja.Sab kaam karo. Do every work, whatever you want to do.

Prabisi nagar kije sab kaja | Hrudaya rakhi Kosalpur Raja ||

But with only one thing. Hruday rakhi Kosalpur Raja.Kosalpur Raja means the king of Koshal i.e. Ram. Ayodhya is the kingdom, capital. The whole kingdom is called as, was namedby.. by the name Koshal. Koshal desh. Koshalpur Raja.

Garal sudha ripu karahi mitai |

If you do that, if you achieve this….Garal..Garal means the poison that kills instantaneously. That is Garal.. Garal sudha…Sudha means amrit..the nectar.So the worst poison becomes nectar for you.Garal sudha ripu karahi mitai |

Ripu means your enemy.Mitai means friendship. That doesn’t mean after chanting Ramnaam your enemies are going to come to you and kiss you. No not at all. But whatever harm he wants to do, will not be able to do.His harms will be nullified. Not only that whatever wrong things he is trying to do to you will become helpful to you. Be it be your career, be it your stamina or strength or mind or whatever it is.So all his bad deeds will become helpful to you.

Ripu karahi mitai |

Gopad sindhu Gopad means Cow feet. It is..Cow is walking in the mud with that small cow feet. How much deep depression it must be creating? How much small, hardly one inch. Right and half inch.


That is called 'Gopad sindhu', that small space the whole ocean can be contained, right. Such a small pace, go pad sindhu anala sithalai, anala means agni means fire. Fire will give you sithalai; fire will give you AC effect. Right. Anala sithalai and it is not just a imagination of Tulsisidasji, saint Tulsidasji has never spoken a single lie in his whole life at all. What was the reason for speak lies? It is what happens, yes.

So Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate | We face so many problems, every day. But those who remember this Lankini's advice, Prabisi nagar kije sab kaja | Nagar does not mean Lankapuri only. I've given you second Grantha right 'Prempravas'. This chakra (points at the lowest central point on neck) what is this chakraVishuddha Chakra, right. How many petals are there? 16 petals and this is the place where the Ram-Ravan war takes place; I've written it down. Right.

So Prabisi nagar means when you enter into this body. When do we enter into this body only at the time of birth only? No. Every morning. When we are aware that we are awake, we are entering in our new body. Remember every morning we get up and we enter into a new body. It's our new birth.

Remember my next 10 sentences, which was my first sentence, which I said just now? Every morning when you get up it's your rebirth, we are entering into a new body, new mindset, not only new body; new mindset, new life.

Now, remember second sentence. Every day, every new day, you have to repeat it after me ha, afterwards, whenever I ask you. Every new day is the first day, for the rest of the life. How much did you believe in this? Every new day is the first day of the rest of your life. Understood? How many of you agree? Only 40%? Others don't agree? Who does not agree? (can't understand) Okay now everybody is raising hands. Okay. Remember if you have Ram in your heart, you have Swayambhagwan in your heart, every day is a new day for the rest of your life. Life maybe 70 years, or 80 years or 90 years or 10 years or 10 days or 10 minutes, whatever it is, everything is done, everything will be perfect. 

Got it, because Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate. You will never get that defeated feeling in your life. if you are chanting name of Shree Ramchandra that is Rama Rama Aatmarama. What is Aatmaram? Our own soul which is residing in us. okay. What is Aatmaram? It is the ocean of the Paramatma that is Shree Ram only, right? The one who remembers this and does everything, kije sab kaja. Not only whenever you get problems, saba kaja, everything when we're doing. It is impossible for common man to remember, Ram Ram Ram Ram at every second, impossible! Not required.

What is the meaning of this sentence - Prabisi nagar kije sab kaja hrudaya raakhi kausalpura raja | ?

She's not asking you to remember, she's asking you to hrudaya raakhi, means hrudaya me kaun rehtra hai? Jispar faith rehta hai !Who, who resides, who resides in your heart? Who makes your heart as his or her own abode? In whom you have a faith. Right so have a faith in Ramnaam, have a faith in Swayambhagwan that is Bhagwan Trivikram right?

If we have that faith, every morning you have to say just that one thing what I told you many years back and one year back as well. What is that? Okay, Ek vishvas asavapurta, karta harta guru aisa. That is one or 'I love you, my Dad' or third? 'Rama Rama Aatmarama, or say Ambadnya, or say Naathsanvidh, anything to remember him you say, or look at his photograph, and say him, wish him 'good morning'! How many of you say good morning dear? Yeah this is what I say. Without fail he wishes you good morning every day and goodnight. We forget because he keeps us in his heart, we do not keep him in our hearts, right!

And that is what Budhakaushika Rishi is trying to tell us -  do not forget to keep him in your heart. Once you have kept him in your heart, means you have complete faith in him, whatever he will do that will be the best thing for me. I might be passing through a very hazardous stage, very difficult phase very difficult period, so what! 'My Lord is much bigger than the problem I am facing!' How that felt? That is Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate, because he will never let you down. That I'm very sure about it. Okay. He has never done it before.

See in the Ramayana 'Shabri', we know, we all know the story of Shabri right? Was there any banner written 'Mahamata Shabri is doing penance over here for last thousands of years'? Was there a gathering of followers, with all, what it is called as those flags and all those things hoardings and boarding and soarding and scoarding whatever it is? All those things nonsense, was it there? No one knew about it! And that parnakuti that small hutment in which she was staying, was much away from Rama's road, Rama's path.

But as soon as he reached near the Pampa Sarovar, Ram tells Lakshman, "Look, bro...", bro right, haha! Why not! Rama, Rama, no Ram must definitely be calling his dearest brother, bro only. Whom do we call? We call our friends na, "Arre listen bro yaar, c'mon, chalta hai". Okay, not for that. He is saying 'Chalo chalte hai' - Bro we have to go somewhere. It is earnestly required. Somebody is waiting for me for ages, and he reaches, Shabri's ashram, Shabri's hutment.

What she has to offer to him? Nothing but already tasted berries and he readily accepts. Not readily, with lots of love he accepts. See he goes to the devotee who is not at all advertising, right. There is no band baja barat with that at all, but still, Ram knows about it, understand that!

Sugreeva is thrown out by his brother. Vali has threatened, 'if you enter my capital, I will kill you!'. He has kidnapped his wife, right! Hanumanji is only with who, Sugreeva. Ram again takes a turn to the right from his path and meets Sugreeva. Hanumanji comes to meet him and you know the remaining story. So who goes ? Ram goes right! Shabari was waiting for him - prateeksha, saburi. Sugreeva was waiting for Hanumanji's Lord to come and help him. He was waiting.

Jatayu, he was badly injured about to die. But he was just waiting, Rama comes, Ram comes, and he gives him the real news. Ram reaches, takes him in his laps, kisses him, receives the message from him and calls him 'taat'. Taat means father. He was his father's friend. And not only that the way he would have done the agni and everything, all the rituals for Raja Dasharath, same thing he performs for Jatayu, as his son.

He goes walking where ever his devotee is! Jis Jis path par bhakta Sai ka, waha khada hai Sai! In Saicharitra there is one beautiful sentence, Ram Krushna ani Sai, thighan maji antara nahi | Whether you call him Sai, whether you call him Ram, whether you call him Krushna, he is only one! That is Swayambhagwan, get it! That is how he is! He comes where his devotees are, his shraddhavans are, that's why he is always victorious. He is not only victorious because He is victorious, but everyone who keeps him in his heart also becomes victorious! Right. No one can become vindictive towards us, if Ram is, Swayambhagwan is in our heart! Keep that in mind. That vindictiveness will be burnt to ashes. Right.

Have you seen Ram performing any miracle in his lifetime in Ramayana? Except touching the stone and creating Ahilya out of it. That is not Ram touching only, that was vardaan (blessing) given thousand years before by her husband only. Ram will come and touch you, and you will become Ahilya again. Has he performed any miracle? But still, we love Ram so much!

If there is some movie going on on TV, and in whichever language we do not understand at all, if there is Ramayan going on we wait there while surfing and see that particular piece at least. Sometimes for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. We understand every sentence said there though the language is totally unknown to us. Right. Why? Why? Krishna performed so many miracles, every minute he is performing miracles, is there anywhere Krishna Leela? I'm not saying Krishna is lesser than Ram at all. I'm not sitting here to compare anyone with anybody.


But Krishna is performing miracles from birth onwards…till he is leaving the world, right? Leaving means, earthly world. Ram has not performed any miracle- but, is anywhere Krishna Leela going on? Ramleela always- every year, right? Why? If there is an option given whether do you want to read Ramayan or do you want to read Mahabharata? Which will you prefer? Everyone prefers Ramayan automatically. Why? Because Ram and Krishna are not different, but they are two aspects of that Swayambhagwan.

Ram is the basic, concrete, okay? Expansion, extention, multiplication, performance epitome of Swayambhagwan. Whatever Swayambhagwan is, Ram is- in a human form, right? Perfect! Ram is perfect! Has he hated anybody? No one! Not even his stepmother Kaikeyi, not even Manthara, no! After Ravana’s death, he himself attends the fire rituals. He gives the condolences to the brother, his wife and Mandodari. How much he has helped Mandodari we all know now!

This is what Ram is! So, what is the difference between Ram and Krishna. It is for only them or it is for us, or it is for both of us. At their level, they are one and the same. But, for us we have to understand. Ram is more closer and more easier for us, because he is like us! He walks like us, he cries like us.

Have you seen Krishna crying anytime? When his own sister’s young son- 16 year old son dies, only son dies, he doesn’t shed a  single tear, right? When his son also dies, still- he doesn’t come forward to make him alive- just like that! Only when Draupadi reminds him- you have given me one Vardaan, you have given me one bounty, you will do something for me. Do it! Make him alive again, then he does.

But, Ram cries when his father dies. Ram cries when Jatayu passes away. Ram cries when Janaki is abducted. Ram cries when Lakshmana is on his deathbed. Yes, he is like us! He has all the human features, human emotions he respects. So, as a human, he is perfect! So, for all of us, his path is closest. The path is what?

Prabisi Nagar Kije Sab Kaja Hriday Rakhi Kosalpur Raja

He has only kept one condition. Ramroop has only one condition that keep me in your heart, believe me, have complete faith in me and then do anything. I will rectify! I will help you out!

Krishna says, no!

Sarvadharmaan Parityaja Maamekam Sharnam Vraja
Aham Tvam Sarva Papebhyo Moksha Ishyami Ma Suchah

Sarvadharmaan Parityaja- believing all the theories and speculations, which you have learnt till today in your whole life- leave them behind. Unlearn them- forget them.

Maam Ekam Sharanam Vraja- and only concentrate on me, don’t remember anything else! Okay? Then only-
Aham Tvaam Sarva Papebhyo Moksheyami Masuchah- then only I will remove all your sins.

Ram doesn’t say that. That does not mean Krishna is bad as compared to Ram- not at all. But, the Rampatha is the Patha (path) of Shraddha and Saburi. Krishnapatha is a Patha (path) of Nishkaam Karmayog, which is very difficult for us to understand even. But imagine- to do something and don’t expect anything. How is that possible? Non-expecting is also expecting, right actually!

So, how difficult that yoga is? So, I am not saying don’t worship Krishna- worship Krishna! As a Balakrishna! That’s why most of the saints have worshipped Balakrishna. During marriage ceremony, what is given? The idol of Balakrishna. Balakrishna is the Krishna of Vrundavan- where there is only love, love and love! That is Bhaktiyoga- that is Bhakti Patha. But the adult Krishna, is absolutely headstrong person. Right? Very compassionate, no doubt! But, at the same time, he may be ready to perform any miracles- but at the same time, he is tit for tat. In a very very different way(s) or every way for that matter. Right? So there is no comparison between Ram and Krishna. But for us- a common man, Rambhakti is simpler method. Balakrishna bhakti is equally simpler. Right? But we think of Jugal Sarkaar- Radhakrishna!

There is no mention of Radha in Mahabharata anywhere. No mention of Radha anywhere in the Harivansham also. Where does Radha come from in this? Because Radha is nothing else. Radha is not a human entity like Rukhamini. But, Radha is the concept of the Krishnaleela! Radha is the opposite of Dhara. What is Dhara? Dhara means flow of your life! So, Radha has to be against the flow of your life. That is? What is the dhara of your life, the flow of your life? Going from birth to death! Radha is going from death to birth.

Right? Going from Kaliyuga to Satyayuga! That is Radha! But, you have to change the direction into 180 degrees of your mind. You’re getting it? And it’s not that easy. We meet every second at least there is some expectation in our mind. Whatever we are performing, whatever we are doing, we expect some fruits. I am not saying Nishkaam Karmayoga is bad. It is correct! But, it is not possible for every common man whereas, Prabisi Nagar Kijey Sab Kaaja is easier for everyone to follow. That’s why Budhakaushik Rushi is saying, Ramo Rajyamani Sada Vijayate!

So, if you want to have a spotless victory, and that also- on a simpler path, less difficult path. That is the path of Pratiksha and love!

See, remember, as you all are young boys and girls,  you have gone on your first date,  right? Especially, boys- they get ready very specially. Girls are that way cool. Boys are more anxious about their first date always. Let me tell you this secret, okay? And nobody is an exception to that if anybody is going on a date. So, he tries ten kurtas and ten shirts and ten t-shirts and tries to buy some branded this that, asks few friends- this that and wears something and goes and his girlfriend is ‘what blah, yaar!’

What is blah? Young generation- yes say, answer! Don’t hesitate. Blah means something downmarket. Right? She says what a blah! And Phussssss….. The boy has come like this (broad-chested), he becomes like this (sinks low). He doesn’t know what happens! Right? And then, everything goes one one step down only. She says, “No, it’s okay, we are only good friends. We had a good time!”

He comes back, crying. Right? So, you will ask me, “Bapu, in such situation also is Ram going to help us?” Yes! If that date is correct for you, he will help you! But, if that person is not going to be good for you, he will spoil your date. Yes! That is his job! Keep that in mind. That is a spotless victory. Why not! A date is important from his point of view. Your every small thing is important for him. Because, he wants not only him to be victorious, but his devotees, his sons and daughters also victorious! He doesn’t like his children feeling defeated. Okay? Understood? And this whole is the meaning of this first sentence-

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate

Understood? So now, you will chant Rama Rama Atmarama with all the faith. All the love. And after knowing all this, you will have much more faith in his name and his chanting, right? If you’re able to do 16 Malas, well and good. If you are able to do one Mala, well and good. But, go on doing it!

It works.  It works wonders! Always! If one door is shut, Ram and his mantragajar, will open hundred other doors for you. Okay? And that’s a sure shot guarantee- Sada! That is for Sada! Means beyond time and space- wherever you are! Whosoever you are! Whatever you have done. Whichever situation you are in- do not bother!

This Mantragajar, this Ramnaam, this Swayambhagwan has no hindrance- for coming in your life and doing the intervention in your life actively. Swayambhagwan is not for passive consultation. He is for active intervention. And that is what we desire. Nothing better than that, right?

So okay? So we will say Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate five times? Okay?

[Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!]

[Bapu and Shraddhavans:] Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate

Bapu interrupts: Aa-aa-aa-aa-Aa!

Only first sentence! Right, okay?

Okay, no problems my dears!

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate

Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate

Okay? And then the next sentence comes- Ramam Ramesham Bhaje!  Which we are going to see on the next Thursday!

Okay? Nakki? Nakki? Nakki?

Love you buddies! Okay? Love you!


Hari Om Shriram Ambadnya

Naathsanvidh Naathsanvidh Naathsanvidh

Love you all!


Okay? Navaratris are coming. So, be ready for enjoying every day!

And atleast one night of Navaratri- keep late hours.

And my mother will be ever ready to stand before you and say, “I am alive and right now here!” And with her, will be her son saying, “Yes, I am always with you! I am always with you! I am always with you!”










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