Significance of remembering Sadguru’s words- Sadguru Shree Aniruddha – 08 August 2019

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 08 August 2019

Hi buddies. How are you all? Fne Doing well. Just 3-4 days back. An old friend had come to meet me. He asked me one question. We always use a word – Gentleman. We never use word – Gentlewoman. Why is it so Aniruddha? I said I don’t know. Hahaha… Because the lady was sitting just next to me so I was very careful. Has anyone heard this word before? We always say man Gentleman. Have you heard the other side of the story..Gentlewoman. That means they are…..ohh…All my daughters are saying they are already gentle…Agreed..gentle, soft-spoken, sweet-speaking, very pleasant, pleasurable…ohh..

There is a girl and there is a boy, they are friends, as far as that is there..all OK. The minute she becomes girlfriend…After that she becomes…After date she becomes steady girlfriend. Then she becomes a fiancé and once that day of marriage has come. After that the scenario changes and all the jokes we hear right. It is not so. It is just fun. Okay..But he asked me the next question. When my wife talks you know..when she was my girlfriend then she used to friend was telling.. I used to feel it’s a music..youknow..whatever she would’s a music…after marriage initial also for few months I thought it’s a music but not that so good. Now it has become a cluttering…You laughter was very small. That means you do not know what is cluttering? Right..Ok. Cluterring see..You might not be knowing also, few of you. Even 20-25 years back there used to be old type writers right and we used to type A.B,C,D, E, F, G,H, I…woh mere ko ata nahi alphabets. I don’t know. So that noise of that type writer is called as cluttering. Means basically disturbing noise. That is to disturb. That once which was soft music, romantic music, became ok, then became not so good music and became cluttering for him. I said, “Have you told her anytime.” He said, ”That cluttering is so huge, so big, so profound that my all voices of protest just disappear.” I said, “Ok..What have you done for it? If you wanted some change, you have to do something for it.” He said, “No. I just decided to keep myself..Keep my mouth shut and I use earplugs and remain happy. He chose his path. We have said wife and husband story..that is a joke..Leave it apart. Actually this is what happens in everybody’s life whether man or woman. Mind is continuously producing this cluttering noise. It is continuously typing something. Where? On which paper? Mind is a machine which is typing. Mind is a machine as well as a typewriter as well as the typist. Mind is writing on what? It is typing on the inner mind, our subconscious mind. Our external known or conscious mind is always typing continuously on our subconscious mind. And this typing goes on continuously, whatever thoughts we give even little focus on it, is typed. Today we have got soft typewriters right and especially computers so it is no noise to the person sitting next to us. But this cluttering is basically disturbing noise and that disturbing noise is continuously we are hearing, more than the outside, external sound pollution. What pollution of sound?(coughs) Sorry.

What noise pollution, sound pollution mind is creating we do not understand. Disturbing to whom? It is disturbing to himself or herself. The whole existence of that person. The soul of that person, the existence of that person, even the mind of that person and the intellect, the reason, the buddhi of that person. Every action of that person. But mind is suppose to do that only. Mind is supposed to type. Right Why so many thoughts come to mind, right? Even in a day, a simple day, nothing big is happening, nothing wrong is taking place, around us or within us or outside us and make sure for us or against us. But still so many thoughts are continuously going on and all day all get typed. Those all typed thoughts develop our subconscious mind. And subconscious mind ultimately determines our every action or every decision. And absolutely ultimately our fortune, our fate. Faith as well as fate. Sometimes we trust somebody, and give say…. I remember always one saying, my father used to tell me… My father taught me a lot.. I always say my father is my hero. Even today he is my only hero. Let me tell you. He has told me many things which I have followed. He has told me one thing. ‘Aniruddha, see the thing is like this.’ He used to fondly call me Bapu. As soon as my younger brother was born I was named Bapu because elder brother should not be addressed by his own name. Right. He told me, “Bapu listen. There was a man. He had a friend. This man had money. His friend needed money. This man gave his money to his friend. After few days, neither friend remained his, nor his money remained his. He lost both money as well as friend. This is what happens he said I trusted that friend. On what grounds I trusted him? There are various reasons. I know him for long. I know him for so many days. So many days he has been with me. You might be staying with that person for 24 hours but still you not know that person well. Unless, you too sure that you can get the money back. “Don’t trust anybody,” my father told and I followed that. Because my father has always told me that every penny you earn Aniruddha has to be ethical. I followed it. So what money is spent also. It should be spent ethically only, properly. Not to waste, your money doesn’t belong to you, your money and your whole life belongs to my mother, that is what my Sadguru had told me.

The first day when I met Makarand, he told me one thing…Yes… you are only for your mother’s desire. That’s all. Nothing else. I said I know thank you. Know means I understood. Is Yes..I never had to say yes. It just came out of my mouth. So every penny earned and every penny spent is hers always. So always I am careful about it. But we trust people unnecessarily and at the same time, we untrust unnecessarily. That is the problem again. Where does this trust come which ultimately turns into a deceit, failure, a loss, a pain for us because we have failed to judge that person and failed to judge that person’s intention. Somebody might be talking very sweetly, nicely you might think he is a thorough gentleman but he may not be so. He may not be so right. But our mind cannot take this decision because basically whether this person is good or bad. Basically on our mind, so many thoughts are written everyday. Our day…The day we were born…yes the days we were born we start thinking. Actually, Actually when we are inside also, we are hearing everything, we are listening everything that is also being typed but that is very few words, very few thoughts. The minute we are born mind starts thinking. As the age advances it goes on, goes on…..yes..understand …Imagine try to imagine…How many books we must have written till today? How many pages we must have written till today? Must have been typed till today? Minimum 1 lakh pages…right I am sure about it. Average person writes in his 70 years lifetime, atleast how many pages? Minimum 1 lakh pages..Ok..Minimum that is minimum. Who will be able to read 1 lakh pages? We cannot read. Will you be able to remember? We cannot. Suppose if you are appearing for some exam. You have a textbook of 1 lakh pages. How many days would you require to pass that exam, to appear for that exam? How many days preparation. More than a year and not only that just to read but to digest and appear for the exam and pass. That’s why we always fail in every exam. Whatever decisions we take it go wrong. And we say, “My luck is only bad, whatever decision I take it always goes wrong only.” Basically you have written so much that everything to study becomes impossible an all the important notes are lost because we never learnt. Whatever we write on our mind. We fail to underline the things. I had this habit of taking down good notes always from my childhood. That’s why, I never had to refer to my textbooks anytime, before my exams, prior to my exams. Even during my MD exams  I had 60-70 notebooks. That’s all.  I used to read, last 3 months. Plus  I used to take down notes, give star, give asterixis, single underline, double underline, triple underline, red underline, blue underline. You have today…what? Highlighters. We never had that thing. Right. And then add some one sentence or one word or make an arrow. Prepare a table, prepare a stream, prepare a flow…everything. Yes. And that’s how I used to study. So I used to remember because I used to underline and then in my notes I used to underline, not only in textbooks. Few people textbooks I see, the whole textbook is underlined. What is the use of that? It becomes a circus. Right. It is very funny. It is like a collage nothing else. You are supposed to underline only the important things. The same in our life, in our mind, our intellect, our reason, we are supposed to underline the important things which are going to direct us. See. Even in the exam, whether it is medicine, engineering or whichever branch you are. When you are appearing for oral that is the most tough period. Right. I remember my MD exam, the first case I was given to was Duchenne Dystrophy. Long case. Hard case to crack. 13  year old boy, so obviously not pediatric. Duchenne Dystrophy is a bad disease, your muscle go on degenerating, they go on wasting and everything and it is really difficult case. And my Chief Examiner was my guide only.

…And my chief examiner was my guide only for MD - Dr. V.V Shanbaug, my most respected sir always. I respect him. And I tell you the real thing- few days back I had gone to see him, Dr. V.V Shanbaug. He refers to me Aniruddhji. I get touched, you know? Many of you must have seen him during Shakhambari’s and Pauras’ marriages.  He was holding that Antarpaat, right? That was my Dr. VV Shanbaug. He was my guide for my MD.

He was my chief examiner. Nair was my centre, so it was a lucky thing. That was my own thing, but for longcase, as soon as I- that was the first thing to start with. And if you fail in the longcase, they tell you- ‘Okay doctor! Better luck next time.’ Means, further examination is not required to be given.

I went for my..I started preparing for my first longcase. It was supposed to be a very big thing…and Dr Shanbaug only came—four examiners, there used to be eight examiners. Four examiners used to come for a long case. Dr.Shanbaug came and sat and said, “He is my student, I am not going to ask him any question! I am not going to give him any marks. Whatever marks you people will give, average of that will be my marks.”

Mai bola, gaya dibbe mein yaar! Hahaha

Yes, because he was very strict, but an excellent teacher. But, he was so confident, but his presence over there gave me G2+. That was the highest grade possible. I am very happy. But, I tell you, why am I telling you this.... this difficult case, rare case, I had seen only one case prior to that, of that disease. But, my faith in my Guru, my faith in my teacher…and whatever my teacher Dr.Shanbaug had taught me, I could go through that exam very easily. And at the end of the one hour, it went on for one hour, one hour only. Which would be hardly 10 minutes or 12 minutes for others. But, whay that is, because all the examiners were sitting there.

I was happy. Actually, I was more happy to see the smile on Dr.Shanbaug’s face. That’s  it! So, what is more important? He had told me always that Aniruddha, never, never, never neglect any patient for anything.

That’s why that one case of Duchenne’s which I had seen one year back, under him only. He told me, Aniruddha, just remember. You may--don’t think this is very rare, and this is under the pediatric age group only. Who knows, when you will have to face it? And after two years, I realised, yes, this is the thing. Because he had underlined it. And I underline his every sentence in my mind.

My Guru’s every sentence, every order I underline. My father’s every sentence I underline. That’s why, I go through all the exams with tight collar and came out with flying colours. And that is what I want, all my friends, all my kids to do! Okay?

So how to underline? Our own mind, that is your question, right? And another thing required is, to erase the things that are unimportant and useless. So much is written. You have to reduce the textbook of one lakh pages to one thousand pages. That becomes how good? Sounds good, right? Study coming down straight from one lakh pages to one thousand pages.

So, we have to erase also. Who will do this job? How to do this job of erasing what is written, which is wrong? Which is useless!Which is of no use!Which is not productive!Right?

So, underlining is done, as I said, by Guru’s statements. YourSadguru, His every word, if you underline your mind, that underlining becomes permanent! So, just listen or read and then leave it, don’t do that!

When you have some free time, atleast once in a week, try to remember what has he said. Maybe today, maybe one year back, maybe ten years back, whatever it is!

That one line, which may not be related, which may not be remotely also related to your situation, will definitely help you in any situation- keep that in mind!

It happens. Yes, it works. But, don’t underline anything else. Yes, underline only one thing, whatever your Sadguru says, underline that only!

Triple underline, according to your choice, double underline, single underline, or highlighter- use yellow, red, green whatever you want to say. Put stars. Three stars, two stars, five stars, seven stars. And you should put. Do that!

Even when you are on kindle, when I am reading something, or adobe, when I am reading something, I use highlighters. I had a difficulty- how to underline in adobe. So, I was just scratching my head, Pauras was sitting there. He said, ‘Dad, don’t worry. [It’s] simple!’ He did it in one minute. He gave me, I can underline now. So, I underline that one adobe also.

So, what I mean is if there is a wish, there is a way! And because, my Sadguru had told me. You should always be empty Aniruddha! So, She- the one who is plenty, she will fill you with everything.

So, I did not hesitate to ask my son, that can you help me? Can you do this? Yes!

Obviously, I am an old man. I am not from the computer ages, so I do not know computer at all. Right? No?

But, let me tell you…I can use any gadget much better than you boys and girls use, okay?

But, you learn to underline in your mind, your Sadguru’s statements. Then you will realise the change. The textbook of one lakh pages becomes a textbook of one thousand pages.

And  now you want to use eraser. So, what is that eraser? Now, this eraser works  in two ways- it clears out what is not required- useless or wrong. At the same time, it gives stars. It gives stars to the statement in your mind, which are essential at that particular time. So, today there will be star- three stars for number one statement. Tomorrow, as per the required moment, or that statement there will be only one star. For some other sentence there will be three stars. Means, you will remember that sentence. Remember that thought, you will get that thought. Right?

What is that eraser? What is that? What are those stars? Who is the star giver?

Mantragajar, yes!

The Mantragajar.Mantragajar has the power to erase everything that is wrong!


That is from Swayambhagwan. He himself has promised you!

He himself has promised you. And Shubhatreyi, the sister of Lord Dattatreya, and the daughter of Anusuya has given this Mantragajar to the whole Shraddhavan domain. Right?

So, it works as an eraser, as well as, it brings forward, it zooms the thoughts, the ideas, and the statements, which is required in that particular situation- wherever you are! Whether you are sleeping, or whether you are awake. Many people tell me, Bapu, we still dream, you know? I am appearing for 12th Standard and I am not prepared for anything. That person is now 60 or 70 or 50 or he may be anything. ‘I am going to fail!’

I feel like I am shouting or crying or something always. And then I remember, Oh I have passed my 12th thirty years back.

Why this happens?

All of you must have experienced this, right?

Or something- some situation like this.

That is because we could not erase that memory.

Just think of that memory. Think of that dream and chant Mantragajar. And then you will see, you will never get that dream again in your life. That memory will be erased out.

[Shraddhavans applaud]

Now, that is the power! It is as what I told you. What is SwayambhagwanTrivikram. In his head, who is staying in his head? Dattaguru. Lord Dattaguru.

Who is in his heart? Maa Jagadamba.

And who is in his hands? Hanumanta!

Hey!! The response was poor. Very bad!

What is Lord Trivikrama, Swayambhagwan?

In whose head, Lord Dattaguru.Right?

The almighty.In his heart, MaaJagadamba.And his hands, Lord Hanumanji. That is Swayambhagwan.

So obviously, we learn to use gadgets. We learn to use apps nowadays. I see even in villages, the farmers are learning apps. I am very happy.

But, these are simple apps! You don’t require to buy any machines. You don’t require to buy anything for that, right?

You’re just supposed to use it. So, the Sadguru’s statement, start underlining in your own mind. And start using this eraser. This Mantragajar, whatever you are scared of- THINK OF IT!

And then chant Mantragajar! And I’m sure that your fear will vanish into blue ! Absolutely! Do not worry. Cause that is the  power, not of you, not of your mind, it the power- actually, I would say not of the Mantragajar. It is the power of Mantragajar, but it is through Mantragajar. It is the power of Swayambhagwan himself! Right? Means, Dattaguru, MaaJagadamba and Hanumanji…their powers, all three powers united, the greatest trinity of..Seventh Sky.Right?

So, learn to use this eraser and then this cluttering of mind will never disturb. Even if you have committed some mistake, few years back. Few or many years back, few days back, few hours back, think of it and chant Mantragajar. This will be rectified, yes!

Which way, you don’t bother! ‘How’ is not your domain! Right? I have written it down. In which book?


‘How’ is not your domain! That’s Her domain!

So, you don’t try to enter where you are not supposed to enter! How is her domain. She will do it!

Got it?

So, the cluttering of mind, which troubles everybody in taking proper decisions, taking proper actions, doing right things, and gaining success, and profits, instead of that we always feel that we are losers.

My child cannot be a loser, impossible!


So what will you underline?

Sadguru’s statements. And second?

Whatever you are scared of, whatever you fear of, think of it- whether it is dream or actually, whatever it is and your Mantragajar!

Your fear will be banished!


Love you all!

Hari Om


Naathsanvidh Naathsanvidh Naathsanvidh

So understood?

[Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!]


[Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!]

You’ll start underlining from today itself?

[Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!]

You will start using the eraser?

[Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!]

Okay, I will see!

I will see, and I told you if I can use those apps well, I can use these apps. Because, I have recently completed a diploma in artificial intelligence.

So, let me tell you that mechanical engineering is my very favourite subject!  And artificial intelligence. Both the things, these two courses I have done recently- one, one and a half years back.

So, buddies! Be ready?

Okay? Life is for happiness!

Keep that in mind, only and only if you follow these two things! Right?

Love you all!

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