Do not take peer pressure – Sadguru Shree Aniruddha- 11th July 2019

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 11th July 2019

Hi buddies! How're you all? Fine. Okay. So....When once upon a time I was young, in this my birth, this birth I'm talking, I was in college. Those days I remember always. I'm sure everyone remembers these college days. Right? And those who are in colleges, yes they feel yes, this is real time. But they want to study, they want to have fun, too many things at different poles we are supposed to do during these college days right?
At the one end we want to study hard so that whatever we want to achieve, we want to achieve. At other end, we want to, enjoy! Not only enjoy, have fun! We want to chill. We want to relax! We want to date! (*laughter) We want that opposite ones should look at me, right. Nothing wrong. It is natural. Right? At one end we want to be absolutely perfect, good student, good son, good daughter, aadarsha(ideal). At the other end, we want to do everything else which my friends are doing.
And then the question arises, what should I do? Right! And most of the times... Nowadays I hear one word which I never used to in my college days, peer pressure -the pressure of your colleagues. Don't take any peer pressure. Never accept! Do what you like only till one limit that it doesn't harm you. Enjoy - only till that limit till it doesn't harm you. Study - only till that limit till it doesn't harm you.
I've seen one parents, father and mother both, they used to lock their son in the morning. Bring him out, give him breakfast, then lock him. Bring him out again at one o'clock, give him lunch, again locked. Study, study, study, study. No TV, no phone, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. He got very good marks in 12th. He got, he passed whatever that entrance exam also. In first year, he collapsed absolutely. Anything that is in excess is bad. College days are beautiful days, they are golden days my friends. Enjoy your studies, as well as, as well as, enjoy your college life also.
Take part in your so called, how many days are there in college? Celebrating days... Not just days, you may count days and tell me, that is not. Which days are celebrated in college? Ha? (Crowd: Rose day) Strawberry day? There is nothing like strawberry day. You might be calling your girlfriend strawberry, that does not mean yaar. Common! I respect your feelings somebody who said strawberry, but that is personal, okay. Rose day. Let us go slowly, slowly yaar why you hurry? Shhh... First is Rose day. In rose day there are three types of roses given right? White, yellow and red. And who is supposed to give a flower? A girl or a boy? A boy! Girl is expecting a red rose she gets a white flower. Aaa, how disheartening right? And boy wants to give a red rose, and she shows, what? Red eyes? Okay I'm not saying anything else. Red eyes, what happens? Right.
But those, these days are important. I'm not so called as a morale police or sanskruti rakshak(protector of the culture) or something. I believe in Bharatiya sanskruti(Indian culture) so much, and the strength of Indian culture so much, that no fashion, no changes in the trend, can affect our Indian culture at all. I'm very sure. Our culture doesn't depend upon what clothes you wear, what haircuts you have, but culture depends upon what mind you have. How much you love, how much you care for others, culture depends on how much you believe in God.
You may not do big-big worships and so many, so called, sceneries and shows and melodramas, not required. That is not required but culture is. If you have compassion, that is a culture. If we have love for somebody, that is a culture. If we care for somebody, that is a culture. If we respect somebody, that is a culture. You want to improve yourself, that is a culture. And continuous improvement of oneself, is the basis of Indian culture.
And I'm very sure this whether you wear mini skirt or those short pants or long pants or you wear nine vaar (yard) saree, and take pallu upto this and wear dhoti and kurta or trousers, whatever it is... it just doesn't affect anything. The Indian culture is too strong for these things. Don't bother for that. Go with the Roman, behave like the Romans but do not become a thief I will add to that. Right? Where is Rome, it is Italy right? Italy is famous for? (makes sound: *tok) I'm not, I don't want to say that. Okay.
So dudes haa... Whom do you call dude in the college? (crowd: friends) All friends? close friend. With love and affection call 'em, 'hi dude!'And many times our friends or parents tell us something, and now a days I hear one word very commonly from young generation - whatever! Right! Whatever! What do you mean by that word whatever? What that means it other words, so what! Maybe! So what! I don't care! Yes. That attitude is important. But when? When you are yourself capable of taking your own care. Right. So whatever is right attitude, I don't give a damn, is right attitude! - as far as you know that you are not crossing your limits.
I don’t give a damn is a right attitude as far as u know you are not crossing your limits. So, go to any extreme, but never go to extreme that can damage your life. Exams are important, studies are important, passing exams are important, getting very good marks are definitely important but no exam, it may your dream exam, dream fulfilling exam but that is not bigger than your life anytime. No fun, any party, any date, any girlfriend, any boyfriend is not more important than your life definitely. Keep that in mind. Life is more important. There was a generation even much before I was born, what it is called as Devdas era. I think who was that hero, I forgot – Sehgal. A great singing hero of those days, when my Dad was in college those days…okay. I am 63 so you can understand then. And he…even remake was there… Shahrukh Khan. Who was there? Two heroines- Paro and…..(crowd prompting) Devdas…Devdas. What I said I said Devdas only na? yes.. Devdas…There was remake also. Who was the hero? Shahrukh Khan. I am right yaar…Right…see…...I see movies and I remember also. That was the Devdas era. You fall in love, the heart gets broken easily and go on boozing…drink..drink. What you see in all those serials, series and movies. Hero standing in front of the mirror and …. That is all bakwas. You develop immediate bleeding from your stomach and finished….Okay
When one attends college in new days, obviously he or she is going to get attracted to many more things. It is by rule, is but natural. But we have to select what is correct for me. What is right for me. I used to play cricket very properly. Many of you might have seen my footage also right. Somebody had put some 6 – 7 years back. Right. I used to love watching cricket also. I never missed a single cricket match either at …the first one at Brabourne…afterwards at Wankhede.
After I passed my MD, one day I bought a ticket, I had a ticket, always I used to get ticket at my home. And….courtesy my Dad, okay. And I was going, I met my boss there. He told me Aniruddha, where are you going? Boss means my boss after MD. I was working under him as a lecturer that time, in this…Nair hospital. Sir, I am going for 5 days, I have applied for leave also, Sir. “Listen Aniruddha, those Eleven elevens, they get paid for what they are doing. Those are all shopkeepers. Those all are vendors; earn money. All TV channels, earn money. And you are stopping your practice for 5 days. Are you giving this time to your family? No. Are you giving this time for earning money? No. Are you enriching yourself? No. “Enjoyment I agree,” he said, “But 5 days are too much bit no…Now you are post MD, practicing physician. And he was not like today’s teachers, he took the ticket and tore it off. And told me FO. And I appreciated it. I realized. After that I went in 1997, to take Pauras with me to see a match. That day I think Jadeja had scored 3 sixes. Right.. I remember that day and India had won. I had taken Pauras with me to see the match in the stadium, the way my Dad used to take me so I remember that. My dad is my hero always... has been. Right?
But what I want to tell you is, yes this is important want to play foot ball, cricket or go for picnics and everything but do everything till it doesn't harm you. Every rainy season we hear, so many people died during picnics, near the rainfalls. What is such a thing, which is very dangerous, unless you know the details, how much is the depth, you should not dare unnecessarily. Many people they go for rain trekking, you know I have gone that time, in those days, but it's not correct unless you are very very good. Very very good in trekking. In rains these roads are very slippery, the stones are slippery. RIght. And you cannot catch them you cannot hold on to them. There are more chances of falling. There are more chances of getting injured. Right.
But why such adventures are required in college days? This is false identity. This adventures is nothing else but the means and ways to getting false identity. How brave I am! Who is sitting here to judge you, you are brave or not? Let few peers say okay. You are not coming for trekking, you are stupid. Let them call you stupid. If you are not sure that there is such difficult trekking I can go for. Don't go. Let them say whatever they want to say.
Do what you like, do what you can! Go on doing what you can. Don't bother for what you cannot! That time you say whatever! I won't do it! See even I tell you today I cannot play carrom. I cannot play cards. I know only that there are two things in the cards, Pach teen don, is the one thing and Gatar upas is something. That also I learned from Shakambari and Pauras only basically when they were not well with Chickenpox that time. But my father was very much against these sitting games you know. He always wanted me to play football, cricket, badminton, I learned all that and Kabbadi. But I don't feel ashamed when somebody calls you, 'you don't know carrom?' Yes, I don't know.
You don’t know how to play carrom? Yes, I don’t know how to play carrom. I never touched it. What is wrong with that? One person cannot learn everything, just cannot. So, learn to accept, I don’t know this. I do not know this. I cannot do this. There is nothing wrong. 2-3 stupid people may call you that you are stupid, you are idiot, you are dumb, Okay! What difference does it make to you?
Does it make you dumb? Does it make you stupid? Not at all! Certainly not! Agreed? So, what I’m trying to tell you is have that ‘whatever attitude’, ‘Whatever’. I won’t come under peer pressure. Right? I will do what is good for me. I will do what I like! I will do only- that will help me build up my life. I’m not saying only career, my life, and enjoy! After college days, real tensions start in the life. Searching for a job, maintaining a job, serving at that particular spot, keeping your bosses happy, and SO many things! Then you get married.

Yesterday, I heard a very good joke. My daughters, please pardon me for that, okay? And forgive me. I liked the joke so I want to share, I just can’t stop myself. One patient went to the doctor and said I am having a severe headache. Doctor said, okay, arey doctor nahi, pharmacist na? Haan pharmacy! He went to the pharmacist.
So, he said, “I’m having a headache so give me the tablet.” The pharmacist said, “so many times you have been coming, and I have everytime been telling you, bring prescription with you, and you are showing me marriage certificate.”
I’ll tell you, I laughed out even loudly, because she was up on the 7th floor, I was on the 6th floor. So, no problems, absolutely! But, I agreed with that patient totally! And I told him, three cheers! Hurray!! For both, for pharmacist as well. But, I felt pity for that pharmacist, he must be a bachelor, otherwise, he would have said, “I understand. I understand. THIS IS THE REAL PRESCRIPTION FOR HEADACHE!” Ha..ha....ha....
Okay? What I mean, forget, okay? This is just pun intended. Nothing else, not, not anyway. Okay? This is just for fun. But, my friends I want to tell you….all my youth friends, never come under peer pressure anytime. Life is very valuable, okay? And if you trust in the God, if you trust Maa Jagadamba, if you have faith that whatever that is called as A N I R U D D H A, He loves you. If you believe He loves you, everything will be provided to you at right time. Providence is Her’s, I always say! All your wishes, at right time, if they are good for you, will be fulfilled, definitely!

So, enjoy your days, enjoy your youth. Everything can be attained back, everything can be recovered back, but not the time! Time gone is gone forever. But, not for my children. When you maybe 60, 63 like me or 40 or 50s, and at that age, like me you can play cricket. You can play badminton, you can go for picnics, you can chat, you can vibe with youngsters, why not! What is wrong with that?
I love European music, I love, I love Brash music, yes! I love playing organ, yes! I love, why not! I even like today’s rap music. Yes, I like! Be open to everything. Don’t close the doors of your heart and mind anytime. Right?
Believe that She, our grandmother is sitting here with 18 Hands for our protection, and She has never failed!! She has never failed, okay?
Small, small failures in the life or exam or something, should not dishearten you. Let people call you any names what they want to call you. Don’t bother, say, “Whatever! I will do what is best for me.” Okay? So, henceforth there will be nothing like peer pressure on you, and you will say, standing in front of mirror first, standing in front of mirror you will address the one in the mirror, and say, “Dude! I know who you are.” Remember? I told you something. Whenever, my child looks in the mirror, looks at himself and thinks of me, that image is Me! Okay?
That image is not you! That image is Me! Me! And Me! So, you can talk to your friend directly. Okay?
Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!
Only thing is in mirror, everything is Ulta. So whatever you do not have, I have that standing in front of you. In you form, so obviously, you will get that. Because the light is reflected from the mirror. Right?
And for me, just to see is enough, okay?

Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!
So, you will not forget again?
Shraddhavans: No!
Shraddhavans: No!
Never come under pressures?
Shraddhavans: No!
Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!
Love You All!
Shraddhavans: Love You Dad!!
Love you a lot!
Shraddhavans: Love You Dad!!
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Shraddhavans: Love You Dad!!

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