Is earning money good or bad? – Sadguru Shree Aniruddha- 25th July 2019

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 25th July 2019

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So, hello buddies, how are you all?

(Shraddhavan: Fine, Dad!)

There is one question that is frequently asked- is earning money bad? Right? In my mind, according to me, this is the most useless question. Dharmam, Artham, Kaamam, Moksham- ChaturvedaPurushartha. Right? Our vedas have said. Artha is also Purushartha- means it is a compulsory aspect of our life. So, earning money is and cannot be, cannot ever be a bad thing! Okay, what we see as money today- the notes, the papers, the coins that is metal. Before that, there were some other varieties of currencies. Before that, there must be some barter system, even today the barter system is going on, right? Agreed? Barter system is everywhere, but you have to earn!

Even when you are born, till death, you are continuously earning only something. Leave money aside for the time being. But, everyone is earning some or the other thing. Okay, but then you will say, what about Bapu, losing? It is only earning! Life is only  full of earning and not losing! Either you are earning plus points or you are earning minus points. That’s all! If you are earning it, means you are gaining it, you are collecting it. Who doesn’t collect? You have seen ants, right? Today one word is very much popular- it is a new branch of science. Okay? Swarm!

What is swarm? Swarm is a collective efforts of a collective group of certain species. Right? Whether birds or ants. And ants is a classical example of swarm. So what is swarm? What is called as swarm? Technology?Mechanism? Okay, anything? Intelligence! Yes! What is important is swarm intelligence. So, we see ants also collect. Ants also do farming, if you have learnt on videos. Right? They do farming, okay? Ants, in their houses, in their city- what they build. Okay? They do farming as well. So, they are also earning things and we are also earning, we are earning everything- so, why not earn money? Earning money is not at all bad. Only one thing one has to keep in mind is, while earning money, you should not be harming anybody, that’s all!

Now, if you are selling knives. Okay? You are selling knives that is your shop. If somebody buys that knife from your shop, and kills somebody, that discredit doesn’t come to you! Because, he sold that knife okay? And this person murdered somebody else. Remember that! But, you, because of your own business directly should not be harming anybody. That is the business or professionwhatever you are doing.

So, only one simple principle if we keep in our mind properly, that I am not supposed to harm anybody. Right? Then any business, whether you want to sell diamonds or whether you want to sell small chanas, okay? Everything is a good business for you! You should not be ashamed of anything. Right?

I’ll tell you really, a real true story of one of my friends only when I was in first year science. His father had passed away, he was a mill worker. His mother was not educated at all. He has six siblings to take care. He wanted to—he had joinedPodarcollege for commerce and he wanted to learn and earn as well, but he had to earn the bread and butter for his family. You will not believe. But he used to sell chanas. ChanaSingdanawaalaaatahaina?So that- he used to sell Chanasnear his college only, near R.N. Podar. He was not ashamed. Initially, few students used to tease him, but okay, slowly they also disappeared. Right? Then, in addition to that, in the morning he would get up early and wash cars. He never felt ashamed. And two of those cars, belonged to my colleagues in my class only. I was in first year science in Ruia, he was in Podar. They were well aware  who is he. He was well aware that they are his colleagues, but still, he was not ashamed. Right?

Because, he was not harming anybody.Right? We must understand that earning money and saving money, both are important. If somebody calls you that you are very veryveryvery??  *clicks* What?

Kanjoos is not an English word I think, miser, right? Somebody calls you miser, I am happy. Okay?

That does not mean you should not eat, not drink, not move, no! You should spend wherever it is required, as much as possible. But, within your capacity. And while earning money, whenever, if you are thinking of starting a new business or side business, whatever it is! Don’t think too high! And doing exactly- don’t think too high! Think whatever is within your capacity. Whatever you are capable of doing, you are sure about it. Not sure just because of whatever you have read on the internet. Not because some friend has told you this is a better way, no!

I see many young boys today. Playing with shares and ultimately having huge losses. Shares is not a child’s game yaar. And here, by child, I don’t mean a child of eight years or ten years, or fifteen years or twenty five years or fifty years.  What I mean by this is, it is not  a beginners’ game. You have to really learn properly, the whole technology, the whole system. Okay? And then only go and spend.. Otherwise, you are going to incur losses. It is a good business agreed, but you dream like sheikh chillis. Right? Okay, I buy this share, then I sell it to this this this this, and some ultimately after four years, three years and two years only. Right? And realise, oh instead of having 25 lakhs, I have lost my 30 lakhs. Okay? Our three lakhs. Whatever, it was. Right? So, do whatever you want to do, but learn about it very properly. Take proper experience about it. And then only jump into it. If you do not know swimming and you jump in the river. What is going to happen? You are going to drown. If somebody comes for your help, okay, you will be saved.  But still, you will be ill for many days. Right? Remember that! Earning money, let me tell you is not at all bad. Many saints say, I don’t know whether they are saints or not, that earning money is bad! I hear from people. No, earning money is a good thing. Saving money is a still better thing. Okay? And do not hesitate to earn money. If somebody calls you names, okay let them call names. We call Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth as Mata. Lakshmi Mata, we worship her during Diwali days. Right? So, if the Goddess of wealth  is the wife of Mahavishnu. You think he is going to marry somebody who is stupid, who is bad? Who is going to lure people? Who is going to take people under the drowns, under the drones and the crones? No! Right, bros?Right bros?

(Shraddhavans: Yes!)

Okay! So, definitely, the Goddess Lakshmi will be the one who is beneficial for the human kind, for the mankind. So, earning money is not at all bad. Only thing is, your ways of earning money should not be bad. Like, you are taking somebody’s Supari. And earning 10 crores, okay? Bad! If you are going to take away, snatch somebody’s note books or books, and then sell it to somebody, you are going to harm that person right?So, it is not a good thing to earn money. Agreed? Okay? So, understood? It is as simple as that. I don’t want to go into any complicated issues at all. The simple things tell us most better things, more easily than anything else, right?

Earning money and saving money is important, and everyone should do that I feel.  I was a- not I was, I am an MD physician, I was a Rheumatologist . Practicing now, I am no more practicing. My son has taken over. But I was practicing for 32 years.

Obviously I was not doing bhajan sitting over there and those who know me from those days know very well what a huge number of patients used to be waiting outside my consulting room.Right? I used to see minimum 150 patients..a day,  and consulting.. 150 patients is not an easy thing, easy task. I used to work from morning 9 till night 1.30, 2.30, quarter to 3, 3 also. So, I earned money. Only thing is, one advice I will give you. Most of you have got, especially this young generation has got a habit. If they are earning 10,000 they show and behave as if they are earning 25,000. That is bad, that is very harmful. If ever,I will tell you, if you are earning 1 lakh, show you are earning 10,000. Don’t have much show off. So, do not have a show-off. Do not go toward show-offs. Whatever you are earning, use for yourself, even for your enjoyment, agreed! And for your betterment, for saving, for buying good house, for giving better education to your children, having proper entertainment, giving better health facilities to your parents, everything! So money is not bad. Because without money, nothing is going to happen.

My father used to always tell me, one proverb, it’s in Marathi. “Saglisonga anta yetat, Bapu, paishyancha song anta yet nahi” means you can put on a show-offthat you are this, you are that, you are that, you are not, this is and not that, but, you cannot show that you are rich. (If) you want to show, it will remain hardly for few minutes. Right? And it’s not going to work. You will just say I have got 10,000 rupees in my pocket okay? And you have only what? 1 rupee, what are you going to do? It is going to be- your secret is going to be opened very soon. Your lie will be identified. Right? So remember, earning money is not bad. Earn money. Definitely earning money is good. But you should not harm anyone. Understood? And do not be ashamed of a particular..that this type of business is of lower standard, this type of business is of upper standard. There is nothing like this. The hard-earned money is always the Prasadam of Goddess Lakshmi only. Right? Agreed? Now Tatas is a big name? Right? What are they famous for? (Shraddhavans answer) Cars, motors, and what are the other business they have? Steel, chemicals, watches, Tata consultancies, salt. So selling salt, are they ashamed? Those who are big winners in steel and this and motors, they are not ashamed of selling salt. If somebody tells you, take a tokri of salt and go on to sell it over there, I’m MSc. I won’t do it. I will be ashamed. Is it correct?No. then, which shoes are more famous? For last 50 years?Shoes and chappals.Bata’s. Bata’s are from? Which company? (makes the chuckling sound). Not Tata ha, because I asked Tata..means of Tata’s..(laughs).. Very bad! How they have become rich? By selling shoes. Do they think this is some business which is downtrodden? Down market?Not at all.Right? So do not be ashamed of doing business or selling something. Right? Doing some..carrying out some profession to earn money. And, the next important thing is do not call names to the people, those who are earning money. Many people have this bad habit. Somebody’s earning money. “Ha! I know how he is earning money.” What are you concerned with? Let him go his own way, you go your own way. Everybody’s queue is different. Right?You should follow your own path; what your mind tells you. Then God is going to help you definitely, right? But stop criticizing others for which way or for what (sorry) and with which resources they are earning money. Don’t bother for that. That is their business. You are not concerned. Let me tell you. Now you will ask me “Why Bapu?”Simple.In this way, you create too many enemies for yourself. If you are criticizing somebody’s business, remember, that news is going to reach him certainlywithin no days, within no time. And then that person becomes your enemy permanently. Because, if you criticize that person, that person might forget after a few days. But criticizing his ways of earning money, that person is never going to pardon you at all. Okay? So, if you are yourself in a business, do not criticize any other businessman at all. Keep that in mind. Okay? Understood? Whether a small vendor or the biggest industrialist. I’m not concerned. Right?So the problem is sorted out? Solved? That earning money is something good. Only thing is that it should not be harming anyone.

Now the problem is somebody has a chicken shop. Aah! Bapu, now what will you say? We caught you! Red-handed! Those who are veggies, right? Why..because of their principles or because of their religious beliefs or whatever it is, okay?Let them follow their own path. No problem. But those who are non-vegetarians or mixed dietician..dieters, they must be eating chicken, mutton and pork and duck, crabs, fish and that’s all. Then what about that? What about that? Yes..question right? Big question. Should we call it a sin? Should we call it a badthing, not a bad business, we are not doing good thing? I eat chicken, I eat fish, I tell you! I think everyone knows about it. It’s not a secret. There is no secret with me. I’m very open, right? See, we eat vegetables. They also have a life. Right? They also have a life. Say you won’t..if you won’t (laughs) if you do not want to harm vegetables, what will remain? What will remain? Nothing. So what is your type of Annam? You should eat without fear. But, a few sacred days are to be strictly followed. Okay? Strictly followed. On those days, you should not be touching non-vegetarian food. And they are very few in a year that way right? Okay? So understood? Very clear. I am always clean, clear-cut and precise. I have no ambiguity in my talks or my thoughts anytime. Okay? Clear? So all my young friends, okay? Remember, earn money, save money, use money properly and be happy in your life. Not only because of money, because of one more wise point added in your life. Okay? Love you all!

Hari Om! Shree Ram! Ambadnya!

Naathsamvidh! Naathsamvidh! Naathsamvidh!

And above all, while earning money, do not forget Him- the one who is going to give you success. The one who is going to protect your money and the one who is going to give you more, and more, and more, and more!


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