Who is Dattaguru? – Sadguru Shree Aniruddha – 27 June 2019

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 27th June 2019

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So hi buddies. How are you? (crowd: fine) Absolutely? (crowd: yes) Today we are going to learn about Dattaguru. Who is he? What is he? What does he do? What is the exact role? Basically who is he? I have jotted down, written down in the three granthas. Purushguru.PurursharthaGrantharaj. Right. That basic unit of this whole universe of which, from which every substance is created by Her, the Creatrix. That basic unit, that basic material, made up of basic substance known as Brahma and that Brahma itself is nothing else but the Trivikram. Right? And the Dattaguru, is the Parabrahma, that means the source of Brahma. The creator of the creator. And there is no one who has created Dattaguru. He is by himself.

He is the Parabrahma, whose effulgence, is Brahma. Whose 'effulgence', is Brahma. Brahma just imagine, look at the say, this is Dattatreya, Dattaguru's statue or whatever you want to call this picture. You can understand what Dattaguru looks like right, roughly. Just imagine that, the whole universe, in the whole universe there are so many substances, so many types of animal, birds, human beings. Everybody is made up of all the protons, neutrons, electron, quantas, all these materials. That everything, quanta is still very small state still we have to go very further in standard dictionaries. Much beyond that the real thing, that is Brahma. That Brahma is coming from Dattaguru. It is the effulgence of Dattaguru. Dattaguru is the source, the THE SOURCE, THE ONLY SOURCE of Brahma. Means all the material, all, all the matter or the energy, whatever it is? Everything is ultimately made up of Brahma only. Even us, our body as well as our mind is made up of, Brahma only and that Brahma, is coming from Parabrahma Dattaguru. That's why after the deluge, that is Mahapralaya, is only Dattaguru. And He cannot be described.

So peoples call him in Vedas, NetiNeti ((नेति नेति), Na iti Na iti  (न इति न इति. ), he is not like this, he is not like that. Is he hot? No. Is he cold? No. Is he tall? No. Is he short? No. Is he fair? No. Is he black? No. Is he kind? No. Is he cruel? No. No it's not like that. Many peoples try to teach us this thing. That na iti na iti(न इति न इति. ). Means this, he is neither this nor that. That is not the real meaning of na iti na iti (न इति न इति. ) means he is beyond human understanding. Iti (इति) is a human understanding. Iti is the word written at the end of every grantha.

So suppose you are solving a problem, at the end you will write iti (इति). See in the Sai Satcharitra, those who are reading in Marathi or Sanskrit or Hindi, right, what is the last sentence? Iti (इति). Ok. Our Matruvatsalyavindanam, what is written iti(इति).Iti Shree Dattaguru prerite | (इति ) Means that is the full stop. Means that is the full stop for human understanding. He is na iti na iti(न इति न इति). Means he is beyond human understanding. That does not mean he has negative attributes or he has no attributes. But that means only that he has so many attributes, of such a quality, that human mind and human intellect, human reasoning, cannot understand. So people stupidly call Parabrahma, as na iti na iti(न इति न इति) means they took out the meaning that, he is neither this way, neither thot that way. So he is useless ultimately for us right? He is not so.

It is not so, He is the God almighty. He is all-powerful. Just His sankalpa himself that I am alone, I want to become many. Ekosmi Bahusyam. And from that thought itself, the first vibration. Okay? She is formed in the form of Gayatri. Right? And then, many times we fail to understand; “Bapu, who is ultimately better? Who is bigger? Who is larger? Who is of more importance? Is it Dattaguru or Ma Jagadamba or Mahadurgeshwar? Whatever you want to call it. I have explained you many years back also. Many times. Atleast 3 times here only.

See, if you want to understand Dattaguru and Jagadamba, we have to understand only one concept. Right? And that is- a mother who has child in her womb, and is feeding the child through her umbilical chord. Giving air, food, water everything to him from umbilical chord. That is that Nirgun Nirakar. Formless form of---formless state. Not formless form. Formless form would be a wrong term. Formless state of Dattaguru, right? Because everything is within him. Nothing is in outside. But still, everything is there. The child in her uterus, it can be only seen by ultra-sonography. Right?By special machines. In the same way, the Tapasvis, those who do penance can see that form. We cannot. They can see that state. Right? But, that same mother, when she delivers her child, and she’s feeding him actively. Okay? She’s singing a lullaby for him. Right? And when the child is sleeping in her own arms quietly, the mother is resting, but still alert. Resting, but still alert. That way inactive, but still taking care. That, that appearance is Dattaguru.

Mother, in her own laps the child is resting, sleeping, whose hunger is fulfilled, and she’s taking care, but at the same time she is inactive. Appears to be inactive. But the child is in her own laps only. That state is Dattaguru. Same mother, when the child is kept in the cradle, he is awakened, or she- the child is awakened.

The one who is standing near him, now bends down. Bends down to lift the child to kiss that child, to feed that child, to clean that child is Ma Jagadamba. There is no difference between Dattaguru and Ma Jagadamba, or the Nitya Shiv, that is the Mahadurgeshwar. They are one and the same only. Okay? They are all that’s why called as Naaths. That’s why they are called as Trinaaths. They are only three various expressions of the same Parabramha. And the love between them is Swayambhagwan Trivikram. He is the ultimate support of every good human being. Good means who wants to become good. He may be sinful, no problems. He must have committed many sins, so many mistakes, no problems. But still, if he has some love for God. If he has some love for somebody without any wrong intentions. And if he wants to do something good in his life, then Swayambhagwan - that is the love between these three, love between Dattaguru, and so, you can call her His daughter, Ma Jagadamba and the Mahadurgeshwar. He is His son. Right? But, they are not brothers and sisters that way. Though they are couple, if you want to look at them as husband and wife, yes, definitely. But, that is within and according to our rules, they are husband and wife.

Actually, they are nothing else, but just the co-existence with absolute bonding. And bonding of? Not bondage. The bonding of love. Okay? We can call her for our own purpose, Mahadurgeshwar and Jagadamba as husband and wife, there is no problem. Right? But actually, they are one and the same.

Shiva cha Shakti hi, Shakti cha Shiva ha.

Shiv hi shakti hai, shakti hi shiv hai

Right. Have you understood the difference between Dattaguru and Jagdamba? Clearly. So whom to call when we are in need? Anyone so you like. But nearest to a human being is her son, nearest to any human being is her son. You can call him Ram, you can call him Swayambhagwan or you want to call him by any name you can call him. But he is close to every human heart, human work and human life because that is her desire, that is her rule, that is her decision. Because she is the one who makes the laws of this universe. Okay. Dattaguru doesn’t make the laws of the universe. But same Jagdamba, Dattaguru only, in the form Jagdamba creates all the rules and regulations for the appearance as well as the preservation, the maintenance and the works of this universe. And all those rules created and made by this Maa jagadamba, take a form with the help of her love, with love for her and that is Swayambhagwan. She has appointed him to take care of every Shraddhavan, that is his job. You can call him, you can call his mother, you can call his grand father, graaaannnd father, grandfather means Dadaji and Ajoba, grandfather means Dattaguru, the ultimate father. Are you getting? So we should not carry any confusion. When we are in the temple of Ganapati, standing in front of Ganapati, we should not feel scared.

Okay, everyday I go to temple of Dattaguru and today I am going to temple of Ganapati, will that be any problem? No problems. He is also a part and parcel of Dattaguru only. And we start going everyday to the temple of Ganapati, and one day by chance we happen to go to Dattaguru temple, some other Gods temple? Don’t bother. Believe in my word. Remember my words. That’s Sarva deva namaskaram Keshavam pratigachati

(सर्व देव नमस्कारः केशवं प्रतिगच्छति). Means you bow down to any God, and that pranam that namaskar, ultimately reaches to Keshav. Keshav does not mean Vishnu. Keshava means one who is beyond the shava, shava means aakruti (structure), shava means the structure, the outline. the one who is beyond the form. The one who is beyond the form. Who is beyond the form? Dattaguru. So whomsoever you bow down, the ultimate namaskar is going to reach at Gurukshetram only that is Dattaguru himself. Are you understanding? clear ?

So we should not carry any confusions in our mind? Right. That’s why Common example we always see, now within no time, 2-3 months time, there will be Ganapati Utsav…Right. Many houses, Ganapati idols will be brought and we will be doing Aarti. Do you perform only Ganpati Aarti. No. Which Aartis we sing? Ganapati, then Saibaba, then Akkalkot Swami, then Jagdamba, then Dattabappa and so on…Why? The statue only…the idol only is of Ganapati, Why you sing so many God’s Aartis? That definitely proves from our forefathers, from the time of Vedas till today, this Indian mind knows very well that सर्व देव नमस्कारः केशवं प्रतिगच्छति | Sarva deva namaskaram Keshavam Pratigachhati. Okay. So you will go ahead with no confusion, with concrete faith, with concrete strength, with definite power, with definite confidence, with very good self esteem. Yes, you will and you shall. Because that is somebody’s promise to you that if you believe in Dattaguru and Maa Jagdamba you will never be defeated anywhere in the life. Okay. So Live Life Fully…......

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Love you my kids……

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