Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 6th June 2019

| Hari Om| Shri Ram | Ambadnya |

|| Naathsamvidh | Naathsamvidh | Naathsamvidh ||

So buddies,  yes very hot right? Absolutely! Why? 'Global Warming', big word right! Only one word we know. One year back onwards or maybe more than that, out here only, actually it was recorded. My talk was recorded that day. What was it about? Planting trees right, what was that? (crowd: Vanadurga) Vanadurga Upasana! Right. How many of you, you have tried for it?  Trying to sow seeds wherever you go. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, 9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 19, 20, 20, 21, 22,23,24,25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30. Oh here? 32, 33, that's all! It's a very simple thing right? You carry your Chicku बीया ah ah seeds, Guava not Guava, Chicku seeds, Papaya seeds, right? Then... (crowd: answers...) Mango... then Jackfruit... Right! All these seeds are seeds, Jamun seeds... (nods) right. Then carry with you and means what you have to do? Just trying to plant them somewhere. Where ever you get place while you are travelling right! Very simple. And our sanstha is creating those seed balls. Yes. Ok. Seed balls. But we don't want to do it right? That's the reason why!  Just reading one gazette that the amount of trees 1960's Bombay had, that time Borivali, etc was not part of Bombay but still all the trees were counted roughly. Obvious roughly. And today how much? In 1960 whatever that was that we consider as 100%, today we have only... how many percent trees left? 7-8%. And if we minus the Aarey Colony area and the National Park, then it becomes hardly 1.4%. What's going to happen? Right. This is what happens.

So we always learn, caring is love! Sharing is love! Sharing is caring! Right! We never apply that to our life. Whatever we do, we do just, just like that! Without thinking much right and this is what effect we are all suffering from right. In Bombay temperature never used to be so high. Right. When during my childhood, I tell you, during Diwali days we used to get up very early at 3 O'clock in the morning. That time used to be so cold, you know temperature used to be 6-7 like that. We don't expect that now. And during the month of May, maximum temperature used to never cross... 29 degrees. That was the beauty of staying in Bombay that time right. What have we done? Say we have not done anything, the builders have done. Arre we are also equally responsible right! So I'm not sitting here or standing here to preach or advice! What one should do, what one should not do definitely not.  

How many of you have ever tried gardening? Trying planting a tree somewhere? Raise your hands. Sometime in the life, at least once? Ok, beautiful. How many of you have climbed a tree? Climbed a tree! Not the Rose tree. Not the Chana tree definitely. Ok, good. Fine. But in Geeta, the Bhagwan himself has said, "The whole universe is like a tree, which has got roots above, and the fruits and leaves below. Okay. How is that plant? Our universe is like that. The huge tree with roots in the sky, just for our understanding,  and trees and fruits somewhere approaching closer to our earth or may be below earth, we don't know! What he meant I don't understand. Okay, I'm not a gyaani (ग्यानी), knowledgeable person, by any chance. Okay. 

Let us know first what is this big huge tree of this universe, where the roots are up and everything else which is usually up, is down. Whatever is usually down, is up. And that is our universe and Yog Vasistha said, "As many jeevas (जीव) are there, as many humans are there, so many universes are there." (nods).

Right, I have said it, 2-3 months back also right. So first let us see, I've been telling it, I must have told many times, see whenever we see, say I have a stone in my hand. Imagine I have a stone.  I'm not going to threaten anybody, don't worry, not even imaginary. I'm not that mad. Agreed I'm a mad but not that mad that I'll start pelting stones, right. I have a stone in my hand, the stone looks like a stone right. Is a stone for sooooooooo many years. Hundreds, millions, billions, of trillions of years it has been a stone only right. When we cut into pieces ok, but it was a stone, it is a stone and it will remain stone or may be crushed to sand or something right. But it is a stone which we can see. Can you see any moment in the stone? No. Anything that is existing, that has a form, is definitely made up of atoms, atoms that are protons and neutrons and electrons and they do not have wall around them. That means all these particles are totally free right? And such particles together, give us the appearance of that the stone or this mike or whatever it is right?

Same thing exists true for our own body as well. What us your body? Nothing else but multiples and multiples, trillions and trillions of such protons, electrons and neutrons in one place, in one particular order, right? So ultimately, what is the difference between me, means as a one human being and a stone? (makes sound: tok) I agree I may be stone-hearted, maybe, maybe stone-face, may be might have stones here (point to his head), agreed right. That's a different story. I'm  just asking, what's the difference between human being and a stone. Basic material protons, electrons, neutrons, quanta, etc is same, right. What is the difference? That is called as BIOS. That is a chemistry. That is a physics and this is biophysics and biochemistry. BIOS, bios means life. Meaning of word bios in Greek Latin is life, way of life. Tree also has a life, bird has a life, ant has a life, and its life force, is called as Mahapraana (महाप्राण), is called as in our literature, Mahapraana. The basic source of life force, is Mahapraana. That is what who is standing over here (points at Shree Hanumanta's frame on stage). The great Hanumanji of ours right. Om Shree Ramdootaya Hanumantaya Mahapraanaya Mahabalaaya Namo Namaha |

So the life force makes the whole difference. But I have written down in Grantharaj, even the stone has a Mahapraana. Haa Bapu, now you said this is the difference, we were so happy, as usual you are ambiguous, you are two-timing. I'm not, I never two-time. Never... Never, never, never, never. You can ask if you want (laughs). Ok dears. So even the stone is already pervaded by the Mahapraana. But same Mahapraana has pervaded in our body as well. What is the difference? It's actions. Difference is not in the Mahapraana. Means expressions in actions.

Ajeeva (अजीव), that means there is no life. Mahapraana only maintains the existence, maintains the existence. But where there is bios, there is Maa Jagadamba, His mother, that is Kundalini Shakti what we call right, has ordered the life to function. That is same Mahapraana. Not only works for maintaining the existence, but for the progress and development. That is what we see and the reproduction right.

Reproduction. Here we are supposed to understand, first very clearly, what is the difference between production and creation (nods). Okay. See humans as well as animals as well as plants, reproduce, they do not produce children. We use that term loosely agreed. That is the scientifically what we do we call it, reproductive system. That means reproduction. There is re, it is a production. They are doing reproduction not production.

So original, originality of production, is creation. Original production, is creation. Everything else is production. And when it goes on occurring, it is known as, reproduction. So creation is a original production. Right? And that is done only once. That happens only once. Aah. Till? Till the day of deluge. What is that? Pralaya, Mahapralay (प्रलय महाप्रलय). After thay again this Creatrix, the Great Mother, starts functioning and again the whole world is evolved.

Then many people have this question, Bapu suppose, during deluge that is Mahapralaya, the all Jeevatmas, all souls, have merged back, in the original same thing, that is called as Bramha. When the again the world is brought back into life, into action, what happens to those souls? Nothing, nothing is destroyed in this universe. All those souls, which had been merged, during the period of Mahapralaya or deluge, same Jeevatmas are again separated out very properly by the same Creatrix and her son, the Swayambhagwan in a proper way, and given a fresh chance.

Remember a fresh chance to develop. There is no discrimination done according to this previously births there. Right! So, many people might say that our, it will better if every hundred years there will be a deluge, right! So we can get every time best chance, no every birth is a very good chance for all of us. For that matter, I always say every new day, every new morning, every sun rising, is a new chance for us, because it's a new birth for us. That is the truth.

Many people tell us, it is written over here (runs hand across forehead), when you are born. Many people still keep that one pencil or pen, and one paper, on the fifth or seven or the third, whatever directions they have, and they call Satvi or some other Mata or Jakhmata, Kaakmata, Pakhmata, Daakmata, Dakan, Shakan, jo bhi kuch aati hai, aur wo likhdeke jati hai. Then we put wheat flour or the rice flour, something there with one lamp. Then we see, haa there is a line, she has come, she has come, she has come. All nonsense. Nobody comes and writes such things on the forehead at all. Remember! Okay.

She doesn't need such clerks, not at all. She's not so cheap. She is not so erratic. She's not, I don't want to use that word also. She's great! She is great beyond words, words and worlds. She doesn't need all these things. But she prepares a plan for everyone. For everyone! For EVERYONE. Every human being. She prepares a plan at his birth and every day, that plan is renewed.

Whenever we are in a bad situation, whenever we are in despair, whenever we are in, whenever we have lost all hopes also remember, "She is creating new plans, she is building up a new plan every day, every morning for me as well. And she never fails in her works. But we must have that trust. That at every dawn, by dawn I mean D-A-W-N, okay, at every dawn, okay, at every sunrise, our new birth takes place because, our previous days Naathsamvidh is changed today. Not for the worse, but for the betterment. She only knows the progress. Whenever she becomes a Mahakaali, takes the form of Mahakaali, and destroys everything, that time also the destruction is a part and parcel of progress.

Now see, you must be seeing in Bombay, so many times or so many big cities, metropolitan cities, old buildings, which are about to fall are demolished. Why? For what? To get a better building. Same way, that’s a small, simple example for all of us. So remember, whenever she comes in the form of Mahakali, we do get scared, right? During Prasannotsav, when I showed those photographs first, everybody was scared; ‘Oh my God! Mahakali! Looking so dangerous.’

Black! Eyes red! Face was furious! The garland of skulls in the neck, and holding a skull and another skull to collect the blood, right? And then I told you, just think that if you are moving anywhere with such a bodyguard behind you. What will happen? Right?

Then all of us, we’ll be relaxed, right? And that is the truth. Same mother, who feeds us. Same mother, who takes our care,  becomes furious when somebody is trying to trouble us. Our own mother, our human mother, our biological mother, she is able to this. (Then) Why not this wonderful, great mother? But, for that matter, we have to believe that She has a plan for us. A definite plan for us. And everyday the plan changes according to what we have done last night or last day. Right?

So, remember, Her plan is never a fixed plan, the principles are fixed, but She changes Her plans every now and then, as per the requirement for the progress of that particular person. Okay? And it is only for humans. Because, human is a Karma Yoni.  Karma Yoni means  the one, who is supposed to do Karma.

Whereas, all these animals and birds and trees are Bhoga Yonis; they are not responsible for their Karmas. Whatever happens, just happens naturally. They have no intelligence, they have no reason. They have no rationalism with them. We do have. Right?

So, we have to understand that every new day that comes to us is a bonus for us. It brings a bonus for us. It definitely brings a bounty for us from our own mother. But, we are so much immersed in our own thoughts, our own griefs and our own depressions, we fail to look at all the bounties She is sending. Now, She is not sending with some fairy. Not at all! It just happens in our life, the only thing- we are blindfolded. And what is that blindfolder? That blindfolder is our own…?

That is not a blindfolder. Blindfolder- Aandhali Koshimbir. Okay? What is that? What is that blindfolds us? Because of which we are not able to see what bounties are being sent?
(Shraddhavans: Delusions)

Delusions? Okay, maybe, true! Not wrong. More than that?  See, this not an exam.  Right?

This is not a multiple choice or something. No degree is depending on this question, right? And you can consider, you know na, I believe only in one principle, always.

During all my exams, in school as well as in college. ‘A fool can ask much more questions, than a wisest person can ever answer’. And I went to every exam with this attitude and I passed with good marks, right? Okay? So, remember that, okay?

So, if you cannot  answer any question that  does not mean that I’m the fool, but the one who is asking the questions is a fool,  agreed? So, forget! That was for fun! So, what is that, what keeps us away from all the bounties? All the bounties?

(Shraddhavans: Disbelief)

Not disbelief even.  Disbelief will also not come in our way much, but, yes! Our very much rigid. Very, very rigid, expectations!

‘I want this in this particular way, in this particular fashion, at this particular time, from this particular person, with this particular effect, and for this particular cause. Everything, I am going to plan.’ Yes!

And that’s not going to occur definitely. We are not perfect. We are human beings. Perfection is an illusion.  Perfection is illusion. It is a fake thing, absolutely. Nobody is perfect, Neither I am perfect, nor you’re perfect. No one is perfect. No human being is perfect. We know only She is perfect, absolutely!

I am the big duffer. Okay? So, you’re listening to me that’s a great favour to me! Right? I’m obliged, and happy about it. So, forget! So, that does not mean, we should not expect. Expectations are there, will be there in our mind, desires will be there in our mind, definitely! But, don’t say, ‘only this and this is the way that I will follow.’

Be ready to accept the newer opportunities. Be ready to accept new ideas. Be ready to accept the help from anyone. Anyone means not Tom, Dick and Harry. From right persons. Right? Do not hesitate to take help. Do not hesitate to help others. Whom should we help? If you’re going to help a rapist and a thief, is it going to work for you? No, certainly not! How will I know the person, who I am helping?  The patient is lying unconscious, the person is lying unconscious on the road, he maybe a thief, or he maybe a killer or whosoever he is; but you do not know about him, so help him!

But, if you know that the person is doing something bad and you’re going to help him, that Karma is going to come back to you! The things about which you’re not aware and if you commit the biggest mistake, the biggest sin also, She knows it! 

She is not going to give any punishment. First of all, I always say, She never gives a punishment to believers, to Shraddhavans. Okay? She never gives punishments. Her name  is…? Kshama!

We have chanted that mantra, right? We do that Gajar, what is that?

(Bapu and Shraddhavans together)

Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapaalini, Durga Kshama Shivadhatri, Swaha Swadha Namostute!

So, She is Kshama. We must remember that she is Kshama incarnate. That Kshama basically, that is forgiveness. Forgiveness of a mother; without any expectations, without any expectations. But, this forgiveness, She gives, She spreads. Her compassion is all over this world. But, it depends on us, whether we are ready to drink it or not. We are ready to swallow it or not. Right?

Be ready! Leave all stupid ideas about everything. Many times we feel that ‘I am so great!’ Everyone else, who is trying to advise me is a bogus and a bonus. Non-bonus person, a bogus person, a fake person, useless person. ‘I don’t want anybody’s activities. I don’t want anybody’s suggestions. I don’t want anybody’s advices.’ Nothing works like that!

For one human being to collect all the experience of the life is definitely impossible. That’s why there are textbooks. That’s why there are so many books written. And books are not written only to earn money. Books are definitely written only to earn money, agreed. But, most of the books are written to express the human mind, to express the human life. So, you can understand many things from the books as well. By hearing the stories of other people as well.

Like, if you want to go to Kashmir, right? If you meet somebody, who has already been to Kashmir, he can help you and guide you better. Similarly, we should always be ready to take help and advice from good people and right people in our life. Right?

And basically, we should be ready to look for the opportunities in our life. Small, small good things that we do, create a huge well-wish; and well-wish is one thing, which works wonders, and that well-wish created in this universe is that tree, which is Ulta- the roots above and the fruits below. Right?

That well-wish. Well-wish that we create because of our good deeds. That all those good deeds and all that well-wish that is created in the universe is that tree, which is Ulta.

Why is it Ulta? Why is it called Ulta? It is not Ulta actually, but it is called Ulta, because for us, that’s why I asked you that question; has anybody ever climbed a tree?  To climb a tree, to catch a fruit, to collect a fruit, it’s difficult! But, if that tree bends itself, what will happen?  It’ll be easy. Similarly, well-wish is a tree, where the roots are in the sky and the fruits are closer to your hand. Right?

And this whole universe works only on the well-wish and love! Right? So, create a well-wish for yourself in the world, by doing good deeds, by chanting His name, by chanting Her name, and trying to be compassionate whenever it is possible for us. We don’t want to become saints. We don’t want to become Yogis. We don’t want to become Sanyasis at all. But, wherever we can, wherever it is easily possible for us, be compassionate. Be co-operative, be helpful. I will see all problems disappearing one by one from your life, and you getting the peace and the contentment. Okay?

(Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!)

So, well-wish, will you create always?

(Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!)


(Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!)

Whenever possible?

(Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!)


(Shraddhavans: Nakki!)

(Shraddhavans: Nakki!)

(Shraddhavans: Nakki!)

Love you all! Love you all!

(Shraddhavans: LOVE YOU DAD!!)

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