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Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 23th May 2019

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One sentence we hear multiple times and at multiple levels in our life, from somebody or sometimes, standing in front of the mirror, from our own image,'My life is full of problems', right? Life is full of problems, whether we are students, whether we are working somewhere, whether we have own business, whatever it is, right? And at a given time, whatever problem you are facing, you think this is the biggest problem, always. Previous problems were that way ok manageable, they were already managed, right? And we think that all the difficulties in my life are because of these problems. Life has become difficult because of these problems. And problems never end. We find, we realise, they go on increasing always. Today we have sorted out all the problems and we sleep peacefully and the next day morning we get up to see ten next problems popping up, some, this corner that corner, somewhere. Either for your own mind or maybe from somebody else's mind, we do not know or just it happens.

Basically we have to understand, that problem is not a problem. 'Problem is not a problem.' Problem is not a difficulty. Problem is not doing any harm to us. Every harm, every difficulty is coming from our attitude towards problem. 'Our attitude towards the problem.' What is your attitude? Whenever you are facing your problem, what is the attitude, becomes the most important thing in the life. Many times we, obviously, I'm not criticising but many people's, many persons, first reaction is that of fear! 'My God! What will happen now?' Ok. That reaction might come. There is no problem. There is no problem. Right? But at least after a minute or two or according, depending upon gravity of the situation, right, we should be able to think that what can be done? How big is the problem? What is the problem exactly? What is its limits? From where, which corners I can get help and what I, myself can do for it? But many times, most of us, only get scared and start running away from the problem. We want to avoid the problem. We run, we aren't ready to face, we want somebody's help to solve the problem and most of the times, by getting somebody else's help, we are creating more issues and more problems in our life. Right?

I remember one story. One boyfriend and a girlfriend. They used to really love each other. And the girlfriend thought, this boy, these men, they are all men yaar! They are similar. They go on seeing here and there, all ornithologists. I want to confirm, loyalty test she wanted to perform. So she told her dearest friend, was a girl, another girl, she asked her friend, saheli uski, ki you are also quite hot yaar, in your language, not mine. In old man's language, you are too beautiful, right? Dudes ok? So I'm using your language, that's all, nothing else. No misunderstandings please, at all! (laughs) She told her you are also very hot. Why don't you go and just...So she goes and meets him somewhere. That boy is really nice, he was nice. She met him, she got herself introduced. She took his number, obviously, because of conversation of 5-10 minutes, he gave her number. We give our numbers freely, especially with the…, ok, then toh we ready to give our numbers, very often, very easily. Right?Jumping. Right? Then she started making calls. Then the video calls started and everything.

But it was, really, the boy had nothing in his mind. He was very much dedicated to his own girlfriend. This girl told her friend. Look, your boyfriend is really good. Why you want to do this loyalty test? She said, 'Go ahead, call him for a coffee, right!, call him for a coffee, invite him for a coffee. And she did according to whatever her friend said. He came for a coffee. Now this girl was there, the girlfriend was there, keeping an eye on her boyfriend. Now she has only sent her own enemy. Ultimately what happened? That, her friend was so awestruck, she fell in love with this boy. He is so good, she thought in her own mind, 'Oh, my this friend, she doesn't deserve this boyfriend as a boyfriend at all! She is doubting him, he's such an honest fellow. 'And this girl she doesn't deserve, she's doubting him, such a boy!' She fell in love. Ultimately what happened? The first girl lost her boyfriend,right, who was very loyal to him. Why it happened? Loyalty test! She wanted to test his loyalty. She had just one problem that one of her friends was ditched by her boyfriend. Ok. That occurs, that does not mean all boys are like that! But she made the statement generalised, she generalised the thing. And then what happened? She invited the trouble the problem in her life, the problem which was not existing, right? So this was her attitude, which made the difference, right?

And we have heard the story of Shivaji. Right? Shivaji was taken into capture by Moghul Badshah, who was in Agra. Right? His mother Jijabai, who was very old that time. She was holding over the reins, she had reigns in her hands. And she had, was very powerful, mentally as well as with knowledge and all the capacities which are required for ruling. When he was in jail, and still what do we see? Not a single day he cried. Where he was kept, in that tent, six kilometres from it in all directions, there were Moghul soldiers,6 kilometres. And we hear the story, that Shivaji sat in the bucket of sweets and he ran away. Do you think Badshah and the soldiers were so stupid and foolish? Not six kilometres sorry it was 26 kilometres. The whole army was spread over 26 kms. You just understand, to walk with Shivaji sitting inside, even for four, very strong people, how much time it will take to travel 26 kms? And at every 1km there was a Chouki. There was a post, a checkpost. How much time it would have taken? At least two and a half days. Right, that boy is very good. Right. Two and a half days at least, minimum. Because you have to wait at every check post and verify at least 15 mins. And every 20 mins, soldiers used to look inside the Shivaji's tent. So after 20 mins, within 25 mins maximum, they would have realised, Shivaji has left. So was it possible? Certainly not! There must have been some other way and means by which Shivaji fled away from that prison. That was an organised effort. He was using his brains, he was using his people, he was using his spies, everything. He never sat crying. Neither he sat crying nor his mother sat crying. Both of them working from both the ends, that's why he could succeed.

We, are not even within the captivity of anybody else. But still we feel tied down by every damn thing in the world. We think we are tied down by this, that's why I cannot do this. I'm tied down because of this, that's why I cannot do this. This is our attitude. We never feel free. We never feel that we are free to do what my mind tells me to be right, and what is right. Many times we know what we are doing is wrong but still we do it because we like it. Ok. That happens. That also happens. But then how to deal with the situations? What do you want to tell us Bapu? I don't want to tell anything. I always say I'm not a preacher. I'm only a person who likes to speak to people, that's all. To my children, that's all, no one else. Whenever there is a problem, the first thing - what is the problem? 'What is the problem?' What you are seeing as the external form of it may be a facade. It's just the outer covering. Most of the time it is a facade, whichever way you want to pronounce and whichever way you want to take the meaning of it. It's just the external appearance which is very deceptive. Here the problem is lying somewhere within. You have to search for it. Have I done any mistake? First think of that. If you are caught in something, you are doing something wrong, first try to correct it. Second thing is empty out yourself to the God Almighty! The Swayambhagwan. This is where I have gone wrong, now please help me. Third stage is start doing immediately, whatever you can do, whatever you can do. In whichever direction you can go ahead, take first step. Don't go on waiting for some miracle to appear in your life. Stop waiting for miracles. Miracles will take place, certainly will take place. But that is not within your capacity. That is His capacity and Her His mother's capacity. You take your own action. You take your first step and do whatever you can do. Whatever you feel is right, no don't do that. You study first, feeling is not important. Think, study, understand the logic behind it and then take the step. But most of the times we are unreasonable. We are illogical. We have not thought over it only. Every problem has multiple facets, multiple sides. And we fail to see even one side of it. Why? And then we feel trapped, we feel trapped. I cannot do anything. No, keep that in mind. If you are believing in Swayambhagwan, if you are believing in him, remember if, even if you are thinking all the doors are shut for you, be sure, at least 100 more doors have been opened for me and me only, by my God. Have that trust. If I am believing in him, it might appear to me that all the doors are closed. But no, he must have opened the hundred new doors for you. Only you have to look at it and you have to knock on those doors. Knock on the right doors. Do not knock on the wrong doors. Ok. Understand. Now you can ask me, ok Bapu, you said this, we changed our attitude towards our problems. We'll not avoid them. We'll never avoid them, we'll face them. We’ll see all the facets of the problem, and we’ll take first step, second step, third step, but sometimes we really feel that nothing more can be done at a human level by a human being. If you really think like that, relax! More problem? Relax more! No, I’m not asking you to stop. Keep on working, but relax more.

Problem is becoming worse? Tell your mind, ‘relax!’ Again and again. Try to relax. Why? Because ultimately, whatever that is happening in this whole universe- I’m not talking only about this earth, whatever is happening in this whole universe, He- the Swayambhagwan is definitely aware of it, knowing it, and at the same time actively manipulating it.

Yes! He is the biggest manipulator. Okay? He can manipulate anything, and He does manipulate!  And I always say, He is for active intervention. If you expect Him to be passive, spectator, He cannot be! He just cannot be!

And that’s why, His one name is- Sarvakaranakaranam. He is the reason behind all reasons. He is the source of all sources. He is logic behind all logics. He is answer of all the questions. He is the question of all the answers, and He is the answer of all the questions. That’s why He is known as,  Sarvakaranakaranam.

Right? He is the reason behind all reasons. He is the answer behind all the answers. Right? And that’s why, whenever we are facing any problem, do not lose hope anyday. Only, learn to knock the right door. And for that thing, first, trust in him. Study your problem, start taking every step, which you can and go ahead! And relax.

The more stress you carry, more you are going away from Him. The more stress you carry, you are going away from Him more. How? Yes! Amount of stress is inversely proportional to your faith. If your faith is more, your fear, your stress is going to be less, right? And that’s why, I tell you, be in Devotion Sentience, Bhaktibhav Chaitanya, Devotion Sentience, yes! You always be in that as much as possible. 

And tell him, “Oh Dad, I love you so much!”
(Shraddhavans: I love you so much, My Dad!)

Tell, “Dad,…”

(Shraddhavans: Dad!)

Arre listen to me first!

“Dad, I have complete faith in You!

(Shraddhavans: “Dad, I have complete faith in You!)

“…Dad I know…”

(Shraddhavans: And I know!)

“You also have complete faith in Me!”

(Shraddhavans: You also have complete faith in Me!)

THIS sentence is very important- that your Dad has complete faith in you!

You may be the sinner who is worse than Valmiki, okay, no problems. Still, you are accepted and loved by Him, by your Dad, without any question asked. Keep that in mind! Without any question. He is never a question bank. He is never a lawyer. And above that, He is never in the chair of judge. He is never judgemental about anything. Never! He only knows to love, and He goes on loving!

Sarvakaranakaranam. So believe, whatever is happening in my life, at the root of it, who is standing? My Lord only! My Dad only! No one else, Okay? No one else! Then, behind the most difficult reason, who is standing? It’s My Dad only! Why to be scared of? Not at all!

I’ll walk with pride? Not only pride- confidence! That I am not going to be a loser by any chance.


(Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!)


(Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!)

So, never, never, never make mistake like that girl, that story of girlfriend and boyfriend. Okay? Never make such mistakes in the life. Don’t test wrong things at wrong timings, with the help of wrong people. Right?

Don’t try to test yourself also with wrong means. Let Him do everything. And let Him do His job, I will do My job. That should be your principle.  I will do my job, let Him do His jobs, and He never fails in His jobs! Right? And where I’m incomplete my Dad is complete. My Dad will complete that. Be sure!


(Shraddhavans: Nakki!)


(Shraddhavans: Nakki!)


(Shraddhavans: Nakki!)

So, now we will chant mantra-

Om Sarvakaranakaranaya Namah!

Bapu and Shraddhavans together-

Om Sarvakaranakaranaya Namah!

Om Sarvakaranakaranaya Namah!

Om Sarvakaranakaranaya Namah!

Om Sarvakaranakaranaya Namah!

Om Sarvakaranakaranaya Namah!


Love you! Love you all!

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