Ramraksha Part 4 (Ramay Tasmai Namaha) – 17 October 2019

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 17th October 2019

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So, hi buddies! Ready to enjoy Diwali?
(Shraddhavans: Yes Dad!) Okay. So, we are going ahead with Ramraksha, Vijay Mantra. Right? ‘Ramaya taismayee namaha’. That we have to see, just look at it, this sentence. Right? ‘Ramaya taismayee namaha’. Means, okay. What is so great about it? ‘Ramaya taismayee namaha’. ‘Uss Ram ko mera namaskar rahe’. That Ram. I bow down to him. “That”. That “that” is very much tactful. Very much mysterious. Very much powerful. ‘Ramaya taismayee namaha’.
Now see, this is not one sentence which is separate from the whole shloka. One mantra. What is the first line? ‘Ramo rajamanihi sada vijayate’. That Ram. That Ram who is always the conqueror. The one who always wins. The one who is the only winner. The one who is the ultimate winner. That Ram I bow down to. Okay, ‘Ramo rajamanihi sada vijayate, Ramam Ramesham bhaje’. That Ramesham, that Ramesh Ram, I am bowing down to him. Right? That Lord of wealth of all the types, peace is a wealth, valour, parakram is wealth, courage is wealth, patience is a wealth, money is a wealth, land is a wealth.
But ultimate quality is that to be fit in any situation. It's the most important wealth. To be fit in any condition. Because, we all know the rule, ‘the survival of the fittest’. Not the survival of the best, it is the survival of the fittest. The one who is not fit he may be best, but he will not survive. Right? So that is real wealth. And who is the Lord of all these wealths? Ram, that Ramesham. So, this ‘Ramaya taismayee namaha’ that Ram who is the conqueror, that Ram who is Ramesh, the Lord of all the wealths one human needs in his whole life.
‘Ramenaha bhiyata nishachara chamu’ that Ram who has destroyed, who has already destroyed all the nishachars, all the demons of my life. Fear is a demon, ignorance is a demon, hopelessness is a demon, helplessness is also a demon. Feeling helpless, the moment person feels helpless, the ‘helpless’ becomes a demon, and a very huge demon that is.
Those who have experienced helplessness at some particular point in their life, will realise how much that ‘helpless’ is attacking. It is absolutely and always in attacking mode, destroying mode. The feeling of helplessness, the feeling of helplessness, is the most cruel enemy we can have in our life. that one should never get. And the devotees of Swayambhagwan never get this feeling of helplessness because ‘Ramaya taismayee namaha’ That Ram. Once I declare that I belong to my Lord, Ram, I can never become helpless. Never ever. That is why, Buddha Kaushik Rishi is saying ‘Ramaya taismayee namaha’ . I bow down to that Ram. The word which has he used is ‘namaha’. Very tricky word. Very important one.
I have been discussing about it for many, many, many, many years. ‘Namaha’ is exactly opposite of ‘Manaha’. and our mind is always going in wrong directions. If we look at our own minds, what our mind has been thinking for last so many years, how many times the mind was right you tell me. We address minimum fifty thousand thoughts a day. How many of them turn out to be correct? Right? We feel this person is trustworthy, he becomes the most treacherous person. We think this person is good, that person becomes the most evil in our life. Right? We feel that by doing this, I will get more marks, actually studying in particular, we lose the marks. Right? We think that if I become more humble, they might be more attracted to me, if I become more and more humble, what happens actually, I attract the, all robbers to
me. Right? So, in multiple ways our mind is thinking in wrong ways only always. Why so? Has God created the mind which is supposed to think in the wrong way? Is it the natural quality of the mind to think in the wrong way? No. But it occurs. It happens. And that is why a person feels helpless in many situations. Because this is mind. That mind makes you feel helpless. It makes you lachaar, absolutely.
Helplessness is feeling of lachaar. As if there is no hope. Nothing can be done. I'm doomed. I'm finished. My life is over. Now nothing can improve it. Nothing can heal it. I am lost forever. I lost my fortune forever. Only the misfortune is standing in front of me. That is the feeling of helplessness. And, why mind creates such situations many times, multiple times in our life is basically because, we have described in Upanishad, Matruvatsalya Upanishad. What have we discussed? (Shraddhavan answers.) Yes you are right. More than that? You are right, you are right beta.
But, whatever you go on thinking, that attracts the universal forces towards you. Right? If you are continuously... I have been giving this example since ‘96. During the time of our exams all of us we have realised, we must have experienced. What we try to do? What we want to do? We want to pass our exams with good marks. If we are studying also very properly but we are constantly, if we are constantly thinking, “if”, “if” we are constantly thinking that as I have to pass, pass with good marks, I should not forget. Then you develop a fear- if I forget? The mind answers, “then you will fail.” I will fail. If I fail, what happens? “I'll lose the best opportunity in life.” Then what will happen? “Everyone will despise me. everyone will criticise me. Everyone will degrade me. My parents will not love me. And I will lose everything.” And then that fear of forgetting starts becoming more and more powerful. So one thought, which is wrong, attracts so many wrong thoughts. Right? That is the nature of mind.

See, what happens in the world? Opposites attract. But, with mind the rule is opposite- the similars attract. So, when you develop fear, it is going to accumulate many more fears in your mind. You are going to attract many more fears towards your mind. If you are constantly thinking; many people have this habit- “Oh! I… this lady luck is always deceiving me. I always have misfortune only. I am unfortunate person.” Take the example that I go to the bus stop, there are suppose...say five buses. Which the bus that I want, comes after one hour. Other buses come and go- I have to wait. We don’t understand that you are catching the first bus, which you want. Right? That we don’t want to think
Then many people think- it is always like that. I help somebody and that person always goes against me. We go on repeating it, whatever we repeat- the rule of mind is whatever we repeat, whatever we repeat in our mind, gets fixed in our inner mind- अंतर मन (Antar Mann). And Antar Mann is unique for every individual. It is not the mind of this birth. Antar Mann is the mind of all the previous human births of yours. Right? So, all the fears as well as all the confidences of so many births are there, deep rooted in your inner mind- Antar Mann. And Antar Mann, whatever gets fixed in that Antar Mann, starts enlarging very rapidly. And that’s why, our grandparents used to tell us, Shubh Bolo, Shubh Bolo. Ashubh Nahi Bolna. But, how many times do we stick to this rule? Speak only something that is auspicious, that is good, that is Mangal. Most of the times we are cursing our lady luck only. But, that way we are not cursing our lady luck but we are cursing our own mind. Our mind gets trapped into that spell of whatever we are thinking. Right? Now, you will say, “Bapu, are we different from our mind?” What is your answer? No or Yes? Both the answers are correct, and both the answers are wrong! If you are in ignorance, you do not have faith in Swayambhagwan and Maa Jagadamba, then? Yes! You are your mind. Your mind will make you what you are! But if you have a strong faith in Swayambhagwan and his mother, you are not your mind. Mind is yours! You will command your mind. You are a soul, I have always been telling you. You are a soul with a
human body. So obviously, you are a soul, who has mind! It never occurs that mind leaves the body first and then the Aatma - the soul follows. It is the soul who leaves first and what follows is the Praanas and Manas. That is called as Linga Dehum. Right? Whenever a person dies, what leaves his body? Linga Dehum, that is his soul, his Praan and his mind, inner mind- Antar Mann. And these three things together are called as Linga Deha. Right? So, if we are shraddhavans, real shraddhavans, if we have full trust at her lotus feet, you have got complete love for Swayambhagwan, then you will be able to command your mind. Say, ‘Bapu, how?’ Automatically! You don’t have to perform any rituals for that. You don’t have to perform any particular practicals for that. You don’t have to go on repeating certain sentences. “I am positive. I am positive. I am positive. I am positive. I am positive. I am not scared of this. I am not scared of this. I am not scared of this. I am not scared of this.” You don’t have to repeat these sentences at all.
There are very beautiful Prarthanas, prayers in Maatruvatsalya Upanishad. Anybody remembers?
Chandika Prasad Stotra, Matru Vishwas Prarthana, Madhusaptaki. What these all prayers telling you?
“Oh, my mother! You are such and such that’s why I cannot be this and this!” What is true for her is true, definitely true for her son also! Right? And that Ram, who is the son of Maa Jagadamba, he himself has declared in Ramayan. What has he declared? Anybody remembers? Anybody who has read Sunderkand? Obviously, it is in Hindi. Yes? What has he declared? Ram has declared?

मम पन सरनागत भय हारी
Vibhishan, Ravan’s brother has come down on this, this particular sea face, where Ram and his soldiers were waiting, standing. So, Sugreeva, the king of Vanaras tells Ram, Vibhishan has come. I think that he should be imprisoned. These are all Nishachars. Sugreev said right thing that as he is the brother of the enemy, a worst enemy, a very bad demon Ravan. He is also from Rakshas Vaunsha- Vibhishan. We should imprison him, we should put him into jail. Ram says, No! मम पन सरनागत भय हारी
My promise is that, whosoever comes and surrenders to me. I remove his fears. I destroy his fears. I make him Nirbhay. I give him courage. I am a fear basher. Okay? This is what is Ram has declared by his own mouth that...

मम पन सरनागत भय हारी
And this is what we have to remember here...most of the times, our mind is full of only fears, fears, fears and fears only. How many fears one person is facing in his life, everyday multiple fears! And that does not mean you are cowards. Other people may call you coward. But, you should tell your mind, I am not coward. Because, I love him! And He is my father! And lion’s son and lion’s daughter cannot be a dog or a rat. Lion’s son and lion’s daughter will be lions and lionesses only. Right? So, I cannot be a cowardess, I cannot be a coward. I might be nurturing, my mind might be nurturing millions of fears, okay, so what! So, what!

Still it won’t affect me. Because I am his son, who is a lion! Devi Sinh. Right? As I am his son, his daughter, I cannot be coward. So, first start believing in yourself that I am not a coward. I have few fears in my mind,
agreed! I have few fears, but that does not declare me as a coward at all. Because, remember that this Aniruddha has promised me, “My Kid! You can just never be a coward!” You may have many fears, agreed. But, in spite of those fears, you will never be a coward. Okay that’s my promise as Dr Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi to you all. Okay. I don’t bother for any other title at all. Right! So, रामाय तस्मै नमः ।
Ramay Tasmay Namaha |
That Ram. See when we are told if you by chance meet a ghost, what do you have to say? Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram Ram! Why? What is ghost? Okay one way it is a soul which has left from the body and moving around in this earth only and not gone to that heavenly abode right. But more than that there are many other types of ghosts. Means many wrong things in our past, which go on coming in your mind again and again, again and again. ‘This person has insulted me so much 10 years back’. ‘20 years back I wanted this I could not get it.’ 20 years back I was driving on the Puna highway, I had met with an accident. And after 20 years again I come to that spot, I start getting palpitations. ‘Oh my God! Suppose the same thing gets repeated?’ Then somebody tells, ‘If it is once and twice, there is definitely going to be third time, definitely.’ ‘ija bija and tija’. If it has occurred twice, third time toh we are more... All our muscles are contracted. Sweat is forming a river, heart beats are crossing the speed of light, right? And our control over the wheel, is lost. That causes the accident. Right?
So, we have to remember, fears are going to be there. Why? Why? What I’ve been telling you, what and you people must be reading in Sai Satcharitra?

आहार-ननद्रा-भय-मैथुन। सर्व जगतासी समसमान।
Ahar Nidra Bhaya Maithuna | Sarva Jagatasi Sama Samaan |

Means Bhaya, means fear, is same for everyone. Only you have these 100 fears, he will have other 100 fears. Third person will have another 100 fears. ‘Many people we think, we look at them, arre this person is so confident’. Arre fuss yaar! He is confident in one particular aspect, or he’s acting he’s showing off. That’s all. Unless you become a saint, you cannot become totally fearless. That is impossible because fear is the basic, it’s not a curse to human being. Not even the instinct. Fear is the basic protection mechanism for our body. See those who are doctors here, they will understand. We have reflex systems. Right! Our hand is like this, my hand and suppose one of you want to trouble me, bring a candle and try to … ? Ha, right? Okay. So as soon as my hand touches that flame, aah! Within microseconds my hand is shifted, moved. That is called as reflex action, that is instinct but that is for protection.
We have two eyelids, for one one eye. Right. A small particle is trying to enter, a very high order flashlight is trying to enter our eyes. What happens? Our eyelids? What they do? We blink. What do eyelids do? They put a cover on the eye. That is for the protection of the eye. So, all these reflex are nothing else but it is called as the ‘sympathetic system of our body’. It is called as the system of ‘fight or fright’. Right, fright or flight. It is a fear or for war. Right.
So, fear is basically, a boon given by God to us. We see many times, river is flowing, there are heavy rains, flood is starting, and it has already started now. We are on the bike, somebody is on the bike, you may have seen so many videos. And that person in spite of knowing that water is, flowing water has the maximum force. He tries to cross that bridge. Now, what happens ultimately. Instead of crossing the bridge, he drowned down. Right. Why? Because somewhere, that fear, which is a real boon, he has not used for something good. Right!
So, remember, fears in our mind, are given to us and why everyone has different fears? Because God gives you whatever is required for you! If you have a fear of a cockroach, even if you are a man, you fear, you are scared of a cockroach. Don’t be ashamed of it. Remember this must be important for me. And slowly you will realise that fear will be vanished. Only you have to tell your god. ‘Oh Almighty, Swayambhagwan, I am scared of this cockroach. Do something!’ and slowly that fear will disappear. But at the same time, your protective shield will not disappear. Like that man who is driving through the flood waters. Right!
Remember even if you have got multiple fears, do not dare to call yourself a coward. Because I am his son and a lion’s son can never be a dog or a rat or a rabbit. So, my daughters remember that as you are my daughters right, you are lionesses only. You cannot be anything else. And if you have multiple fears, turn these fears into your protecting shied. And that can be done by namaha. That is called as shifting mann to namaha. Transforming your own mind into namaha, exactly ulta. The fear that is weakening you, will become your strength. The fear that is weakening you will become your strength.
The fear of forgetting, something in our exams, makes you weak right, makes you fail. Give this fear to your God and say, ‘God I have this fear, Okay, I have surrendered it to you. Now I will no more be scared. Whatever you want me to remember I will remember. Whatever you do not want me to remember, I will not remember. Let Naathsanvidh prevail!’
Ramay tasmai namaha |
And that Ram what he has said, the one who has said,
Mama pan saranagat bhayahari |
If I am surrendered to him, I have surrendered to him, he wil not allow this fear to empower my exams, empower my life. Agree! This is the way of making your weaknesses, transforming your weaknesses into your strengths. Agreed. So, you all will say ‘Ramaya tasmai namaha |’? Nakki? (Shrddhavans: Nakki)
Ramaya tasmai namaha |
Ramaya tasmai namaha |
Ramaya tasmai namaha |
Ramaya tasmai namaha |
Ramaya tasmai namaha |
Hari Om | Shree Ram | Ambadnya

| Naathsanvidh | Naathsanvidh | Naathsanvidh |
Love you all, love you kids. Love you a lot alwaysss.....
Okay. (A shraddhavan: Trust you Dad!) Even I trust you all! Okay, remember that!

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