What is Naathsanvidh? – Sadguru Shree Aniruddha – 22nd August 2019

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 22nd August 2019

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So hi buddies! How are you all? Well, doing well? Yes certainly. But many of the gangs of youngsters discuss with each other, Bapu always says this Naathsanvidh, Naathsanvidh, Naathsanvidh!', three times, we also say. We have understood a little bit Bapu, but not yet understood totally. So I decided okay chalo let's talk today on what is Naathsanvidh! Okay.

What is Naathsanvidh? For that, we have to understand what is 'Naath' first! Naath is the word, Sanskrit word which is made up of two words na (न) and atha (अथ). Na and atha mean atha means, na atha means, before this there was nothing. Before this, there was nothing, okay. So that is what is called as Naath. Okay. Everything is beyond this, that is naatha - naath. Okay, Understood? Okay! Atha is something which is beyond this, and naath - naatha is something which is beyond everything. Before this, before which there was nothing. That is Naath.

And their primeval existence, that primary existence, that basic existence, that basic power, the basic supreme power, the basic sovereign power, that sovereign existence is called as 'Parabrahma'. Para means the ultimate Brahma. That is what we label it as. We give the name as even Brahmarshis are given the name as 'Dattaguru' or 'Parameshwar'.

He's alone! He's by himself always! Always in that mode, that does not mean we describe him as 'Nirgun Nirakaar', means that way translate just word to word is nirgun nirakaar means, there is no shape and there are no qualities. But that is not the meaning. He's in such a state where a common human being, even the well educated human being cannot understand his form and his attributes and his qualities and his ways of action and his ways of existence and ways of functioning. That is called as NirgunNirakaar. And SagunSakaar is something which is within our limits of grasping capacity, means within our limits of our own perception. That is called as SagunSakaar!

So this Dattaguru he is NirgunNirakaar, he's alone, he's by himself. How is he? He's Satchidanand. Satchidanand means Sat, Chit (and) Anand. Sat means pure existence, chit means to be, becoming or being aware of. First is being itself, then being aware of, and when you become aware, and because of the awareness the bliss that is produced, the perfect happiness that is produced, that is Anand - perfect happiness! Perfect. With a dot on it. That perfect happiness is anand. Satchitdanand because that Dattaguru is always in a state of bliss, happiness, anand, always... and he always exists. It is never that he never existed, will never exist.

But because of his own swabhava, his own swabhav. Swa means self and Bhav means his own nature okay, because of his own nature, his own existence, the way he is. Actually to call him he or she is wrong. Somewhere we have to use the words so we are using the word 'he'. Okay. So he develops the desire 'I am one', 'Ekosmibahusyam' (( एकोऽस्मिबहुस्याम्). Ekosmi - I am one only, let me become multiple. Let me become the enjoyer of the huge crowd, huge existences, huge expansions and everything. And absolutely with that desire, then He himself, transfers himself, in spite of being himself, he remains as himself, and still, he transforms himself into two forms. To use the word form also is not correct but, okay for understanding, we say two forms. That is MaaJagadamba that is the mother form, and the father form that is Sahaja Shiva. Dattaguru is called as Achintya Shiva. Shiva that cannot be, achintya, that cannot be understood. That cannot be contemplated on okay. That is achintya. He himself transforms himself into Sahaja Shiva and Jagadamba. They are also called as Narayan and Narayani.

Sarva Mangala Maangalye ShiveSarvarthaSadhike, SharanyeTrayambake Gauri NarayaniNamostute || सर्वमंगल मांगल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके शरण्ये त्रयम्बिके गौरी नारायणी नमोस्तुते |).Hari and Hara are not different. Narayan and this thing Shiva are not different. And then this couple is formed, the primary couple is developed. The love bond between these two, and with their origin, the GRAND father. His grandfather does not mean like in our language, father's father or mother's father only. GRAND. What a grand celebration in that meaning, with that meaning we say Great Grandfather. Okay.

The Dattaguru, this Maa Jagadamba and Sahaja Shiva, Narayan and Narayani these three are called as Naaths. There are three naaths. And the love bond between these three, the one between Sahaja Shiva and you can call as his wife or his own shadow, or his own counterpart whatever, whatever you want to call it, everything fits up, she is the Creatrix okay. So she is a creation herself, this whole world is made out of her only, and she is the creator also that is called as Creatrix right!

So, the love bond, not bondage love bond, the love between Sahaja Shiva and Shivaa - Jagadamba is Swayambhagwan Trivikram, who is called as Brahma. Okay. He is the Brahma himself, that Brahma effulges from him, from the Swayambhagwan. And afterwards, obviously, we know, the Omkaar, the Pranava is absolutely the original creation right, which is in man's reach. That Omkaar, the Pranava, the whole world that is from the Paramatma, his three forms are developed, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Prajapati Brahma, Mahavishnu and Paramashiva and then the whole universe, all the universes are produced, are born, are created, are manufactured.

In the same way, we human beings also are manufactured, produced and reproduced because we are souls with a body. We are not body with souls, souls with body. And every time, whenever a human being is born, is given birth, is given birth with such a way, at such a place, with such a family, such a condition, in order to fulfil his previous births desires. – 1, Second – In order to remove his mistakes , his sins committed in last birth and to improve on it. 3  - To gain better and better knowledge ‘What MaaJagdamba and Swayambhagwan is?’ and fourth to understand ‘Where we have come this Mrityuloka right? This prithvi, This earth is not our permanent station, is not our permanent house.

Our permanent house is where Swayambhagwan’s bhargloka. We are sent here in boarding school. And with everybody’s birth, these three, they create one plan for him, a specific plan for him. A specific plan for everybody, a special plan, a different plan absolutely objective plan suiting to his particular previous births and new birth with that he is born, he or she is born. And that is Naathsanvidh. This plan is not a dead plan, it’s not like a map, see rivers in the map, river in the map. Will that river be able to fulfill your thirst? Will it be? No. That map is that way of no use, it only shows, directs. That’s all. But this map of our life, this plan is live plan.

Because it works. River in that plan is going to come and fulfill your desires, your thirst, your everything, going to protect you. This Naathsanvidh, that the basic plan for us made by Maa Jagadamba, Sahaj Shiva and Dattaguru and that plan is handed over to Swayambhagwan, the supreme personality of Godhead and he has the freedom to change many things, to make a partiality. He is created for that only, out of love only. Right. So for love he does partiality and he goes on changing plan. Like you everyone, we all of us have karma swantantra i.e. Freedom of action and thinking. Same way he has the freedom of thinking and action, given by his own mother right. So he uses that freedom to the ultimate levels of every stage. But for whom? There is only one condition – Maa Jagdamba has kept in front of him. The one who doesn’t love her son i.e. Swayambhagwan will come into the domain of her laws.

There he has no scope to interfere because when she made him the emperor of all universes, Anantkoti Brahmandnayak. She gave him that power, she gave him that responsibility. She also saw to it that his word should prevail and for that she made this law. The one who doesn’t love him will fall into the domain of her laws which are very stringent, you do this and get in return that much only. Good or bad whatever it is. But the one who loves him, loves him, the one who will trust him, he will remain his/ her, that person will remain in her domain of love, where the rules can be bend, the diversions can be made, the ships and the boats can be arranged for a river to be crossed. If you get a mountain in your road, yes, there will be a tunnel created for you or may be someone will pick you up and take you there yes. Something like that always happens in your life, the thing which is so difficult, so impossible, out of blue something happens and we are relieved right. That is how, that is exactly crossing a big mountain without efforts right! We have experienced that so many times in our life. So all this act for all this, ask for active intervention.Active intervention.

The active intervention is done only by Swayambhagwan himself. That freedom she has given him, only with her order, if she says no, he cannot do anything. And she usually never says no, not usually, usually is a wrong term she never says no for Shraddhavans and he goes on working on everybody plan. Not every year, not like our nation, every five year we have plans right? Not like our calendar, our calendar January starts, we start planning, oh this year should be like this and the plan fails. His plan never fails…but his planning…Why his plan never fails? He is ready to change his plans at every second, every micro second and every nano second. He goes on changing, his schedule change for his sons and daughters. Keep that in mind. That is Naathsanvidh. So remember when we say Naathsanvidh, actually we are asking for his active intervention in our life. What is the real translation of Naathsanvidh? Let his plan prevail. What is the meaning? Let his plan prevail in my life. Let his plan prevail in my life. That is Naathsanvidh. Understood. That is the meaning of the word – Naathsanvidh and if Naathsanvidh are in Bhaktibhav Chaitanya, i.e. the Devotion Sentience. Be sure that he is not going to leave you like that, he is going to do – Active Intervention at every step.

Whether you are aware of it or not, when you may be sleeping. But still, he doesn’t sleep. He is working whole night. Just remember that, okay?


But, why then, Bapu insists on saying Naathsanvidh Naathsanvidh Naathsanvidh. Because, I said, it is a prayer. And this prayer has to be made again and again. Why? He requires it? No! We require it!


For? What for? Because your mind forgets the things very easily. Whatever we have said ten minutes back we forget now. Whatever we plan on first of January, right? If we are conscious on 1st January morning. Many people get up with headache. I don’t blame anyone. Okay? Enjoy the way you want. Agreed? But, be in your limits. In healthy limits. That is the best way, right? But, we forget our plan. Maximum, whatever plan we have made for first of January continues for? To 2nd January. Maximum to 7th January.  Beyond that everything is …the way it was before. And again? Again you will remember that only on 31st December of that year.


Arre! I had made such a plan. What happened?  But, he never forgets. Whatever plan you make. Whatever plan you make. He registers in his own? Not head. In his heart. And he knows what my child is trying to plan. What my child is trying to do, perform or achieve. According to that, He is ready to help him, so he goes on changing his plan. But, that does not mean he is a weird personality, He is haphazard. He is not at all haphazard, He is the most well-organised. Though He is changing his plan every nano-second, he is not haphazard. He is most perfectly well-organised. And He never fails! He never makes mistakes, that we have to understand! Right? Come what may, we should always say, Naathsanvidh.


Because the minute we pray Naathsanvidh, we say Naathsanvidh from the core of our heart, then our failure becomes our success. Then our failure becomes our success, our loss becomes our gain and our sins become our strength. What I am saying? Our sins become our strength, the minute from our core of we pray to him Naathsanvidh. Or we say to him, I love you! Right?


There is a lot of strength. People, many times, go on sticking for big big big big mantras. “I am chanting this big mantra. It is going to give me big power!” We say, “That person is so powerful haan! He is spiritually very powerful person.”  Arre!


Even you are yourself very powerful. Because you are directly connected to Him! We have to say only once, that I love you from the core of your heart, and He is all yours. So, you will remain, always remain connected to Him only. You do not require any agent. Any mediocre interference between you and him. Keep that in mind. Right?


Because, anybody else, other than you is going to be a mediocre intermediator. Keep that in mind. Who can be the best agent for you than yourself?


Only you! So, be your own agent and say, Naathsamvidh. Right? Agreed?



So, all of you have you understood? All of you---?



----What is Naathsamvidh?


So, be very clear in your mind that whatever we speak or whatever we do, carries definitely, what?



We are the ones who should allow the Naathsanvidh to prevail in our life. Let His Plan Prevail- that is in our hands.


Because, we have been given Karmaswatantrya by MaaJagadamba! Let us use that to say Naathsanvidh!


And see your lives start changing. Rama Rama Atmarama, we chant right?


And it changes the whole world within and without. The inner world as well as the outer world- everything starts changing. But, that change is always, how?


Soft, slow and gentle. Soft, slow and gentle. Exactly like His nature. Soft, slow and gentle.


And at the same time, He has contrast qualities always. Wherever needed, His plan is most hard-hitting. Most hard-hitting, most rigorous, and most…? Tough.Right. Most tough! Why? Not for you to carry the burden. But to remove the burden from your heads. To kill your enemies, to remove the obstacles from your path. He has to hit hard at times and He does that. Okay? But you should understand, this is being done for me! Okay? That is Naathsanvidh. Okay?


Let us say Naathsanvidh again?

[Shraddhavans and Bapu together]





Love You All!



Love you! Love you! Love you!

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