Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Thursday Discourse

Thursday, 16th May 2019

Hari Om | Sriram | Ambadnya

 Naathsamvidh… Naathsamvidh… Naathsamvidh….

So, hi buddies! How are you all? Fine? Absolutely! Just fine or perfectly fine?

(Shraddhavans: Perfectly Fine!)

That’s beautiful for my ears, yes! That’s music, you know? That’s music to my ears, always! Okay, forget.

See…all of us, we go to various temples, right? And in India we have got many temples and so many Gods…multiples. The same Shivalinga called by different names at different places, and they consider every Shivalinga as a separate God, okay? Plus, there are supposed to be so called 33 crores of Gods, okay?

Every village has some different name to the God given, right? _____ even commonly somebody worships Ganapati, somebody worships Vishnu, somebody worships Ram, somebody worships Krishna, somebody worships Amba, somebody worships Durga, somebody worships Narayani, somebody worships Krishna, somebody worships Vitthal, somebody worships Hanumanta, and we get confused! Who is the almighty?

Are they not?  If they are, how can it be multiple? The almighty only has to be one! So am I connected to Him through- are these so many Gods, okay? And everyone calls his God as the God and everybody else’s God as the Demigod. That’s the easy solution, right? But, it’s not so absolutely!

We have to consider one thing- one important aspect that whom what we call Parameshwar- The God is only one! That is the name given is Dattaguru or Parameshwar, right? He existed always, exists.  He is just being absolute. Nothing else but just being! And at the same time he is Satchitananand. I mean, know when He develops that feeling that I am! That I am! I am Lord Dattaguru. I am the God- with that perception of His, that feeling of His, that desire of His, He develops another desire- ‘I Am One! I have to become multiple. I have to become many!’ And there becomes the big bang!

From nothingness starts the big bang. The big bang is represented or expressed. Not represented, or even represented as well as expressed in the form of Omkar! OM.

I’ve told you several times, Om is the only thing where when we pronounce any other word or a syllable, we are throwing the air out of our wind pipe, so out of our mouth. So, pronounce Om and you will see that you are not throwing any air out, you are if at all taking the air inside. Just try!

(Shraddhavans: OM…..!)

Are you throwing air out? No. That is the exception. Because that is the original sound. What is called as Naad! Basic Naad, the basic sound. Okay? The sound is Om; and the frequency of this Om- God divided into three.

That is A (अ ) plus U (उ) plus M (म).  A (अ ) plus U (उ) plus M (म)!

Then they started combinations on these three frequencies. A plus U became O.
Ma plus U became MU. Okay? Like this, various combinations- multiples. Permutations combinations started taking place and ultimately so many frequencies were created. And once those frequencies started mixing with each other, churning with each other, the whole nature got developed. So, whole nature, which we are seeing, the whole universe is nothing else, but the product of, the egg of that Omkar.

Right? That Omkar is Paramatma, we know, right? And that A-U-M is Bramha, Vishnu, Mahesh. Now, you will say, “Bapu, you are telling all this to us, that is okay, but what about our own Gods?”

Yes, I will come to that. Definitely.Certainly. I never break my promises, once I’ve given the word, I have given, that’s all! Right? Okay? So, just understand, how from nothingness, everything came into existence. In the same way, multiple experiences of multiple developed and developing individuals on the spiritual platform created the various faces of the various deities. I am not using the word Gods. Deities. They are nothing else, but the different expressions of the same Almighty. That is the Ganpati or the Skandha Kartikeya. Whether it is Radha, Sita, or it is Jagadamba, Durga or whatever it is! They are nothing else, but the various expressions of the same almighty!

Then we get a problem. We cannot resolve it- whom should I pray? And how should I pray? Somebody goes to some Mantric or some Jyotishi or some Purohit or something or it some books and especially we are on Net- everything is available! Anything and everything. And we have developed the habit. Whatever is required, just go to net and find out.

We are into that net, fallen into that trap of net. Absolutely! I think after some 50 years, our brain might become- lesser than, smaller than monkeys. Right? Because we will become so much dependant on the machines. Right? That’s not correct. Forget it! But, what happens is so many expressions of Gods, so many mantras. On net, plus if we see, are mantra for this, mantra for this, then there are so many advertisements- join our website, pay this much, subscribe, and we will give you the exact mantra for your empowerment, for enrichment. We will give you the solution for every problem- Oh my God!

They are, I think they are thinking that they are the lords! Supreme lords. The Supreme Personality of the Godhead - no they are not! They are just human beings. Or sometimes we meet imposters in our life. Right?

What is imposter? Many have question mark on their face. What is an imposter?

Sad! That is a very sad thing. What is an imposter? I will crack the hardest nut here, keep that in mind! With my hand! I don’t need some weapon for that. Okay? And the hardest nut to crack is? This! Okay? Not the skull, the brain cell. But it is actually soft anatomically. Imposter means the one who pretends what he is not! Who he is not! Dhongi, Kapti, Totaya- is called as imposter! There are many self-proclaimed Gods, yes! Self-proclaimed Maharaj! Self-proclaimed saints! And so many self-proclaimed saints- they are all imposters!

They are all imposters. And we are no less. How many times we become imposters in our lives? See that.  How many times we go on pretending what we are not? And even in front of God we pretend what we are not, we are going to meet, we are bound to meet imposters only. With people, we have to sometimes, not reveal something, which is true. That is adjustment, that is understood. But with the God, while you are talking to the God, whether in your mind, or direct, whatever it is, to be very honest, keep that in mind. You will never become an imposter in your life. Never.In any field of life. When we love God, and when we love this very idea of God, when you say God, God exists and God is, and God is good. The deity is good. You must remember that whichever form I select, I means ‘you’, all of us, whichever form I like the most is better for me. Nobody should impose, nobody should impose any God on anybody. Not required. Whichever form that you like, you love, Okay?  Love it properly. But as what? As a expression, as a form of the Almighty. And then our problem is which mantras to chant? Right? Which stotras to chant? We go to Dada for our problems. Dada tells us, ‘read Ghorkashtodharanstotra, read..chantHanuman Chalisa, okay, we should. I have always been saying, all vedicmantras, everybody….  you can chant. Our stotras written by proper saints, the real saints, can be chanted. The bhajans can be sung. You can write your own bhajans. Your own means not about you! Your words about your God.

So, we can sing stotras like Hanuman Chalisa, which are, we can read the charitras like the Sai Charitra, Swami SamarthaCharitra, which are already established by tradition. No harm in that. We can go to tirthakshetras, okay? There are holy kshetras, which are already established. We know Ganga, Ganges, is a holy water, holy river. We must believe. That’s no problem. But ultimately what happens is, somewhere at some time, we get confused. How will I get connnected to Him?  Whosoever is my deity and who is the direct Almighty? And what is the relation, what is the connectivity between all these deities? Ganpatihai, there is Ganpati, and there is some Kuladevata, there is some Kuladev, and there is some Ishtadev, then someJyotishi has given some God, we have gone to some tirthakshetra and got along that particular statue with us. There is some temple in front of our house. We don’t know whether to enter or not. So many questions, right? Keep one thing in mind, everything, all the forms of deities, all the forms, all the expressions of the Almighty, all the deities are nothing but the expressions, various expressions, of the Almighty experienced by the saints. And they have created these pictures and forms so that a common man like us can get connected to that Almighty. So whichever God you are following, consider Him as the gross form of the same Almighty. And I want, through Him only, I am connected to the original form- the nirgunnirakar, what is called as. The Almighty. And what is the relation between them? Then we go on reading puranas and then we see, ha, Parvati is the sister of Vishnu. I am not asking those relations. Don’t restrict your Gods into human relations. Okay? In human problems, in human fights. That’s how we hear many stories that Lakshmi and Parvati quarrelling, fighting, with each other, and so on. Nonsense. They are not going to fight definitely. Okay? And we see in movies also. Shiva-vishwayudha and Ram-Shiva yudha and Hanuman-Shiva yudha . That’s not true. Absolutely. And there are no fights between them at all. Their fights are only in our own mind. Their confusions in our own mind. Every form, every deity that we worship is nothing else but some specific frequency of Omkar only. We must understand first rule. Every deity that we worship, okay? Now somebody will say, ‘somebody’s somebody is worshipping a wrong deity.’ Black magic deity. How we’ll come to know? You may not come to know.  But, but, there’s a big ‘but’. If you are believing, if you are believing in the SwayamBhagwan, and Maa Jagadamba, whichever name that suits you, Mahishasurmardini, Durga, Amba, Ambika, Ambalika, Maheshwari, anything, Okay? Then, your all pranams, namaskars, all your austerities , everything, will be accepted by Her son directly. Okay? The one and only one SwayamBhagwan, Trivikram, right? He is not Omkar alone. He is not Omkar alone. He is Omkar certainly. But He is the..see, Omkar is created by Maa Gayatri, Maa Jagadamba. What is Trivikram? He is love. So, Trivikrama, I just told you 10 minutes back, that Omkar gets divided into “a” “o” “m”. All these permutations and combinations are created out of love. And all these various permutations and combinations created out of love is Trivikrama. Are you getting? So He is the instrument of Maa Jagadamba to create the world, to maintain t he world and to destroy the world as well. It’s out of love only. And that’s why, he becomes the connection between all the various deities existing in this world which we are praying to or worshipping too. Right? And that’s why His mantra-gajar, which is just we are singing, Rama Rama, Atma Rama, Trivikrama, SadguruSamartha becomes the link between us and Him. Between us and our deity. Between our deity and Trivikrama. Between our deity and Trivikrama and through Trivikrama, to Maa Jagadamba. And through Maa Jagadamba to the Almighty.

One and only mantra, that can connect, that gets connected, that connects you with him and your own deity. Your deity to Swayambhagwan, is this Mantragajar. Right! Because this mantra is the complete mantra – ‘Rama Rama Atmarama Trivikrama Sadguru Samartha’ – is our prayer to him and the second part ‘Sadguru Samartha Trivikrama Atmarama Rama Rama’ is his answer to us; his assurance to us, his bounty to us. So this mantra contains both – our quest, as well as his answer as well as his bounty. Agreed…And that’s why henceforth, don’t get scared that till today I was worshipping Ganapati, today I feel like worshipping Devi, what will happen? Nobody is going against you at all. Keep that in mind. Okay..When this thing happen I one temple there are 4-5 deities standing…Okay. There is Ram-Laxman-Sita. At one place there is Ganapati and other place there is Shivlinga. And we somehow forget to bow down to one of the deities. After coming home somebody asks us or we remember, right. I forgot. My God! What will happen now? This God will get angry with me. No God is going to get angry. These are all stories of Gods getting angry on human beings are false. Have you read a single story that Maa Durga has come down to earth to kill a human being? No. She has only come down to kill demons. Are you demons? You are not demons, definitely! If you have slightest desire to chant the name of God, to love God, be sure, you cannot be Asura, you cannot be demon (and) you cannot be demonic even. Okay. So remember..this question in our mind – Which God should I worship? Worship any God you want. You want to worship ten Gods, worship ten Gods. You want to worship only one God…Yes. You want change everyday new God..Okay..No problems! Because ultimately that one is so smart, he pervades everything. You change the form of the deity every day, change the name of the deity every day, he will pervade. He must have pervaded that name as well as that form but much much before you could have imagined about it. You could have imagined about it. So, be sure that this Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Trivikrama is nothing else but Chaturbhuj Shri Ram. The four-handed Shri Rama, pervades even your imaginations, even your doubts, pervades into your fears, so obviously, he is going to pervade into your sins as well. Right, you mistakes as well, your commitments as well,  your resolutions… well. The disresolutions as well..okay. Your activity…certainly. Your inactivity..equally certainly. He pervades everything. So remember, even once, I have uttered Gurukshetram mantra and once I have tried to attempt this Mantragajara that means, I am accepted by him…okay…the way I am. Remember, the most important thing - He accepts you the way you are. He doesn’t need that you should change so that he can accept you..Not at all. That is not his need that is our need actually. But actually it’s not our need also. We don’t need to change, we will change automatically, once we start loving him. Right. Remember, a human being has no capacity even to make mistakes. What I am saying? A human being has no capacity even to make mistakes. How will he have capacity to redo his mistakes? Both the things belong to Him (Swayambhagwan) only. Okay. If I have made some mistake, it has occurred. Say, it has occurred. Don’t say I am like this only. Don’t go on blaming yourself. Say” Oh God, this is what happened. This mistake happens again and again. Do something. You can do everything. I know. And you want to do something for me”. But don’t beg. He doesn’t like beggars. He likes sons and grandsons, daughters and granddaughters. So ask him with love. Yes..but for that you will have to be honest with him. The only condition is you have to be honest to him. If you are dishonest to him, then nothing…nothing can take..everything will go wrong..Keep that in mind. In front of him, Hello…anybody else should never come to know about it. Don’t reveal it to anybody else. But atleast to his photograph, at least to his statue, at least in your own mind talk to him and tell him what is the reality. Then that is called as honesty. You can speak thousand lies outside but not a single lie to him. Keep that in mind. And then he protects you. He will protect your lie also..keep that in mind...he loves his devotees so much, he will protect their lie also. He will not reveal your secrets to the outside world. He will hide them because he considers his every devotee as his own. He doesn’t want his sons and daughters to be exposed. And criticized, and damned and chastised by others. Okay.. So henceforth there will be no confusion..Which God to worship? Worship the God you like, chant this Mahamantra- Rama Rama and be sure ..God is with.. Say, "God is with me, God is with me, God is with me…..

One word you forgot...

God is with me….always…

|| Hari om || || Shri Ram || || Ambadnya ||


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